Ultimate Demon Advanced User Guide

The Best Content Management And Link Building Tool For 2016

Very few SEO tools today allow professional users to adopt a safe, flexible, effective and cost efficient content approach to SEO with great automation to reduce the “busy work” of day to day internet marketing.

Powerful, controllable and affordable. The original video from demondemon.com

Ultimate Demon is a tool that does all this, and more.

It’s 2016, so it time to get rid of poor SEO practice. Out with “blast linking”, poor content, one press solutions that don’t work and links that fade and fail over time. It’s time for a change. It’s time to add value to the internet and create your own powerful content empire based on sustainable profiles all handled by the one application that offers you complete control.

  • In with the ability to create powerful multi URL profiles that have the ability to rank for themselves.
  • In with the ability to use great content and encourage click-through from your first tier structures. No need to spam, no need for “junk” sites.
  • In with the control serious internet marketers require to place links exactly where and when you want them on profiles that get STRONGER over time the more you add to them
  • In with full, engaging user profiles. Bio’s that contain images, profiles that have embedded images and videos. Exactly like hand made profiles should be.

All of this power and control that would take a manual SEO expert days, can be reduced to just a few hours with the EXACT same results. Just without the painful slow “busy work” that content management demands in 2014.

Ultimate Demon Does The Heavy Lifting For You, Leaving You More Time To Do What You Do Best.

Ultimate Demon allows the user precise control of their content, the placement and type of links, control of anchor text – indeed the ability to create large powerful profiles on high authority high trust sites that provide value both in terms of SEO benefits and from click-through.

Introducing Ultimate Demon

Do We Offer A Bonus And Discount

Of course. The maximum discount allowed by the developer (Edwinsoft) for both lifetime license and monthly subscription is available via the links below or at the top right of every page of this site Use the discount codes provided Smile

The Bonus.

We are the ONLY site for ANY LINK product that offers regularly updated FULLY TESTED link lists. May 2014 will mark the 29th consecutive month for updates.

What do you mean “Fully Tested”?

Every site scraped is tested twice. First that it accepted into Ultimate Demon’s database, and secondly that5 you are actually able to create accounts and submit links.

In fact we provide a spread-sheet every third month with the actual accounts we created when testing. Emails, user names, passwords – the lot. YOu can see the accounts we created during testing for yourself. There is no better proof possible than that!

Free Membership To Authority SEO Forum.

Here’s a quick run down of the guide. Download it below!

Although anyone can join demonseo.proboards.com (scritty.org), only Gold members can access the links area. I visit the forum regularly and am also available to answer questions on SEO most of the time.

Advanced And Updated Tutorials.

As part of a complete overhaul we present the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide.

The idea behind this set of tutorials is not to overlap with Edwinsoft’s  excellent beginners and starters guides. I include links to the official videos within the download, but the real point here is to progress further and provide users with the means to get the best from this SEO and link building tool.


Ecover Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide Ultimate Demon

Download the Advanced Users Guide


Or lick below for:


  • Setting up your PC to run the software.
  • Configuring a server or VPS (optional).
  • Creating a campaign that will work.
  • How to create powerful multi page profiles that will last.
  • Examples of the most effective settings.
  • Making sure your online optimization works alongside your link building.
  • Co-Citation and Syndication Rules.
  • Making the most of your content.
  • Getting free content from online sources.
  • Recovering from a Google ban.
  • Negative SEO. What it is, how to avoid it.