The Best Bookmarking Sites For 2015

Bookmarking. It has been a rollercoaster ride for Bookmarking sites for almost a decade now. As far as SEO and link building goes they started out as great links in themselves, before the archival nature of most sites meant a very quick decay in link juice as they became more popular.

Then came the time in the late “noughties” when they were considered useful for second tier and indexing tier linking. They still are very good at this.

Now, some sites that seemed to have died a death have come back stronger than ever. Others have changed in nature completely and are now working in an entirely different way. Reddit is an example of this. It was great, then it almost disappeared, now it’s a thriving set of communities for some very niche topics.

Bookmarking In 2015

Bookmarking Has Changed For 2015

Bookmarking has been abandoned by many in SEO as a link building or indexing resource. More fool them. The fact that it has been reborn under the radar, and that many spammers have left the field, means that for the savvy SEO link builder, bookmarking in 2015 is better than ever.

Tools like Ultimate Demon were bought together with the whole “guts” of a previous tool” Bookmarking Demon” built in. So what is the best use of these tools now? How can we leverage the best bookmarking sites for 2015?

Blogging has always been about getting your own content and ideas out there for everyone to enjoy. Increasing readership and traffic is always a top priority for many bloggers or website owners, and knowing exactly how to make your content go viral is critical if you want long term success.
If you think that your content can go viral by simply hitting the “Publish” button, you are wrong. Your articles will simply go unnoticed by the large web community and most of your work will be in vain. You must work on the visibility of your content, market it, advertise it and promote it around the clock to get the best results. There are many methods to do that, and plenty of techniques to choose from, but using bookmarking sites is one of the best and most rewarding way. If used correctly, your blog traffic will explode in no time and many viewers will come back for more fresh, juicy content. What’s more, the search engines love content that gets a lot of traffic and social sharing. Your blog will only benefit from this extraordinary source of free traffic.
Let’s see which are top 10 best bookmarking sites for 2015:

1. StumbleUpon

Simply put, StumbleUpon is the place where quality, fresh and exciting content gathers and attracts targeted viewers, so if your article is not up there, it will lose a lot of viewers. Nicknamed the “discovery engine”, StumbleUpon is focused on finding the most interesting articles, photos, videos and infographics the web has to offer. It is a powerful traffic driver for personal blogs, magazines, businesses and organizations, regardless of their field of work. It comes with a wide range of categories to choose from, so you can share your content with the most relevant crowd.

2. Delicious

Founded in 2003 and having more than 180 million users, Delicious is a huge social bookmarking website that helps you store, share and discover the Internet. You can bookmark, share and like websites that you like and bloggers can promote their new content in various categories, depending on their needs. All the bookmarks will be shown to every other follower or subscriber, creating a network of users that will discover your content. It can be a tremendous traffic driver to your blog, especially if your account becomes active and has a lot of followers.

3. Digg

Digg, alongside Delicious, are two of the most powerful traffic drivers to your website. Digg is somewhat more focused on article types of content and uses a share and vote system to attract viewers and users. The main focus for your shares is to get on the Digg Home page, where millions of users land every day. Although Digg has users from all sorts of backgrounds, it is mainly focused on tech buffs and geeky users. So, if your blog is on the tech side, Digg is your top choice.

4. Reddit

Reddit is an immense social bookmarking website and social interaction website. Users need to register a username and password and they gain access to the huge community of users, segmented on multiple subnetworks, called subReddits. There hundreds of these channels, divided on the more popular topics, such as science, funny videos, gossip, entertainment, love and sex, relationships, technology and many others. Reddit has an intelligent system of upvoting/downvoting which determine whether your story or content deserves the top spot.

5. Newsvine

Newsvine is a social bookmarking website specialized on the freshest and most interesting stories and news. You can read and promote your story as an individual contributor in multiple categories. Your story will become more attractive depending on its freshness, your reputation and popularity. Everyone can contribute to Newsvine, while the editorial responsibility is in the hands of the community.

6. Flipboard

Known as the social magazine of the web, Flipboard prides itself as a collector of news and various content, displaying it in a magazine-style format. You can create your own magazine and presentation on any topic that you want and promote your content in a fresh environment. You will be able to create visually appealing backgrounds, images and presentations that will help your own blog.

7. BizSugar

BizSugar is an excellent tool for small and medium businesses to showcase their latest work, content and abilities. Users upvote or downvote the content shared with “sugars” and you must get as many of them as possible to attract the viewers. Your best content can be labeled as “HOT” and hit the home page of the website, where it becomes visible to millions of users every day. Unfortunately, BizSugar only allows you a limited amount of shares each day and you only receive business news.

8. Bundlr

A relatively new social bookmarking website, Bundlr strikes everyone with its simplicity and ease of use. You can create your own page where you can add everything that you like, including videos, photos, articles and services. Other users will see your page and upvote or downvote the page. As in other social bookmarking websites, you need to be active and gain followers.

9. Pinterest

Widely regarded as the breakthrough website of the 2012 and 2013, Pinterest is one of the main websites to be on in 2015 as well. Designed for sharing images rather than links to articles, it is now the 15th most visited website in the world. You can create “pin boards” where you attach certain images and the followers will be able to get a feed from your pin. Pinterest has a huge following and there is content on virtually every topic imaginable, but is especially popular for the health, diets, entertainment and fashion markets.

10. Twitter

You literally have to be living under a rock if you don’t know about or use Twitter. Even though it is not exactly a social bookmarking website, experts see Twitter still going strong in 2015. If you have the right content and know how to create attractive titles, you are set to attract large traffic for your website. The key is to always keep an eye on what people want to learn about and what is happening around you. Humor also goes a long way on Twitter, so short punchlines and one sentence jokes are ideal.