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Sorry Folks – The Deal Is Finished

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Win Ultimate Demon In Time For Black Friday 2013

3 Lifetime Licences For Ultimate Demon To Give Away

The developers, Edwinsoft have kindly donated three lifetime licences as prizes for regular visitors to my SEO blogs. Yup – It’s Prize time at UltimateDemon2.com

3 Licences Now Won

Ultimate Demon Winner

1 -“Greenman” from the demonseo forums (www.scritty.org) was drawn from the hat this morning. If you are interested it was the ticket he earned by following on Google+ that actually was pulled. Remember to read below to get more than one chance of winning!

2 – Charles “Invincier” won, also with his Google+ join. Charles, I emailed you on the 28th and have not yet had a reply. Get in touch buddy Smile

3 –  The final winner is Ian Cooke who also wins a lifetime license and has just been informed

Thanks for everyone who took part, well over 150 in total over the past week or so.

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Let’s remind ourselves what this powerful content management and link creation tool can do for you.

Creating Profiles On High Authority Sites.

Allowing the user to create detailed profiles including biographies and pictures on some of the most trusted sites on the Internet. Reaching the authority sites that weak spam tools cannot get to. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Soup, Digg, Delicious, Reddit and many others, all custom coded by the developer with signup and content submission script is kept up-to-date.

Micro Control Of Content And Link Placement

These days, succeeding on the internet is all about taking absolute control of your online presence. Knowing exactly what content you’re posting to which profile and precisely which anchor text is used and where it will be placed. The ability to use powerful scheduling tools that allow campaigns to be drip fed over a period of days weeks or even months. Queuing up tasks and creating tiered structures with click button ease.

Why is control so important? You Might Want To Read this.

How Can I Win Ultimate Demon?

The three licences will be given away over three days. One per day on the 26th, 27th and 28th of November 2013.

Entering into the prize draw could not be simpler.


But I Want More Than One Chance To Win

Winning Is Everything


Of course you do. One chance is great, but who wouldn’t want three chances to win a great prize.

Here’s how to turn your one ticket for joining www.scritty.org into 3 possible winning tickets

To Get Ticket 2 – Share the DemonSEO Facebook page. Pretty simple really. It does need to be a “share” not a “like” or a comment (though I’d love to hear from you if you have anything to add) but to get the second ticket – simply share.

To Get Ticket 3 –  Follow me on Google+  https://plus.google.com/+PaulRoneClarke/

So how do I tell you I’ve Shared on Facebook or Joined your Google circle then?

Leave a comment below, or email me at admin@demondemon.com if you’d rather keep your details private – Yup it really is that simple.

If you already have accounts at on these social sites then it might take all of 10 seconds to triple your chances to win!

Any Terms And Conditions?

Sorry yes. There has to be really.

– Please use your primary email address as that is where the licence details will be sent.
– Yes – this is sponsored by Edwinsoft who have kindly donated 3 lifetime licenses.
– No-one associated with Edwinsoft or Scritty.org is allowed to participate.
– No outbound links in your posts!
– Each person can only enter once and have a maximum of 3 tickets per entry. The first ticket is when you join the forum and make the 30+ word post on this thread. The ways to get 2 more tickets are below…
– Please only create ONE post on this thread and only post if you are entering the competition.
– Any individual can only win ONE of the three licences. We want to “share the love”

Who Needs Fresh Links For Ultimate Demon November/December 2013?

The members update for November is now available at our forum for members.

This is a full refresh of all lists and includes

  • 285 WEB2.0 Sites
  • 119 WIKI Sites
  • 387 Bookmarking sites
  • 190 Article Sites
  • 119 Directory Sites

In addition there are 30,000 forums in bulk lists.

Double tested means that the sites have not only been accepted by the Ultimate Demon site detector, but also have had accounts created on them and the proofs of this made available to my members

Demonseo Members UpdateThere is an Excel file (which can also be opened in Google Docs or Openoffice free spread-sheet applications) with the proofs of this. Site, user name, password, email address etc. All there to be examined or even used for your own content should you want to,

You may have noticed that there are no video or document sharing sites in these lists. For now I am having most success with the platforms that Edwinsoft supply as standard but these will be the focus on Decembers 2013’s update.

When using these sites there are a couple of vital points to bear in mind.

Overview of how the link list proofs works

Firstly. Do not spam. Just because there are about 1500 sites that will accept your link it would be really unsafe to use more than a fraction of these in any campaign. I’ve posted on demondemon.com regarding careful use of links and the idea that creating long lasting profiles and using ideas such as co-citation, syndication of quality work and editorializing other people’s work when curating. Look to add value and “click through” potential to your direct links. Here’s how to do it.

Consider Ultimate Demon as a content management tool first, and a link builder second

Second Point. Create the accounts first as a separate task. Give these accounts around 48 hours to be accepted. In these days of human moderation of both account creation and content acceptance this is a vital step. If you ask Ultimate Demon to start posting before your account is open, it will likely lead to a ban before you get a single piece of content accepted.

Ultimate Demon account creation only task

Thirdly. Remember you can use the “Bad Words” list to create a niche specific site list by replacing the “bad words” with ones that are appropriate for your niche. This does mean adding the sites a second time (with the bad words list emptied) but it would then be possible to group these sites that already contain appropriate content. That’s a real power feature and one I’m a little surprised Edwinsoft have not jumped on themselves.

DemonSEO2Finally. Do not share these lists. Unless you’ve seen something I haven’t these are by are the best lists available for any SEO tool on the internet. As a member you get tested lists refreshed often, this is the 20th such refresh since March 2012. If anyone is found sharing them, they will be the last lists they get. It will be instant ban. It’s worth remembering that I have accounts at just about every SEO blog and forum on the ‘net and post to them and check them regularly. If you share there is every chance I will find out.

The image above links to our members forum where basic membership is free. All applications require moderator approval (it is a private members forum after all) and access to the “Gold” members area is not available to free members

Hope you have great value with these lists.

Paul Rone-Clarke

A Great Example Of An SEO Tool Getting It Wrong

Imagine you have designed a system to work with data. Maybe it parses it, scans it , sorts it and categorises it. Lovely.

You can then create indexed lists and provide the owner of the data with information that is useful to them.

Raw data becomes actionable information. That’s the idea. Right?

Now imagine that the data set you are working with is big. I mean enormous. Even the biggest test runs you can do can only handle a very small percentage. Worse, and most tellingly, the volume is that large that “human eyes on” checking barely scratches the surface. Trillions of permutations, and your team of dedicated “eyes on” checkers can only look at  – what 0.001%.

You have to rely on your calculations, your algorithm. Checking any other way just isn’t possible. In the real world, the data set just keeps getting bigger.

So you release the algorithm and…this happens.


The question is. Should you feel bad about it? (Nah – of course not – I can’t even reproduce this now and it might be months old already – still FAF to see this kind of thing)

How To Create Effective Links After Penguin 2.1

In these times where people are very keen to ensure the quality and quantity of links pointing to their site, can anybody really benefit from a search engine optimisation tools such as Ultimate Demon?

It would be very easy to answer “Yes” to that question without really considering the issues and considerations that people have. Ever since Google launched their Penguin algorithm, and more tellingly since October 4th 2013 and Penguin 2.1, the concerns that many have had regarding back links have been to the fore. They are real concerns, based on the movements in the search directory that have been on-going since that date.

It’s probably best to consider the situation from a wider perspective first.

A life lesson that is also true in internet marketing

Back links are still the single most important element of your off-site search engine optimisation efforts. None of the major search engines have a problem with a website owner making a sensible number of back links that add value to the Internet at large. These links will serve two purposes. Firstly, they are a measure of the popularity of the site that they are pointing out, but more importantly, when surrounded with good content and on sites that are relevant and contextual, they provide a conduit for visitors to arrive at your site via other means than the search engine directories themselves.

In other words, a high-quality set of profiles surrounding your site that give visitors the information they are looking for in search work. In short – good information leads to “click through”, and everyone wins.

This is where Ultimate Demon comes in. It allows its users to create profiles rather than “empty” links. Choosing sites that have categories that are relevant to the topic of the money site they are there to support, and then placing high-quality content on them over a period of time. Actually building a relationship with the visitors to your direct link profiles. Controlling your own private network of sites. This is a different concept from the idea of just blasting out links for the sake of it.

There are a few issues that need to be addressed when looking at this idea. First of all, a fully private network is not appreciated by any of the search engines. Luckily, Ultimate Demon is perfectly capable of adapting to ideas such as co-citation. Unselfish linking and co-citation is are the two main axioms of effective and long lasting success.

This entails adding content to your first tier profiles that contain no links whatsoever and other material which links out to noncompeting relevant sites within your niche as well as authority sites.

This Unselfish Linking Is Known As Co-citation.

This sounds like a lot of hard work for no immediate benefit, and without a tool like Ultimate Demon it certainly would be. The important point here is that the benefit is not immediate, and these days, if you want your website to last any length of time, then the idea of getting an immediate return on your efforts is not the long term path to success.

time to produce good unselfish content and links

The problem with AAA link building tools is that, over the years, they have been abused by spammers. It is perfectly possible to send out many thousands of links per hour with Ultimate Demon, but that would be missing the point. With the ability to give its users granular control over content placement and the choice of target site. To decide on each submission which multimedia elements might be beneficial to both the visitors and for effective linking. With abilities like this built in there is simply no reason to use Edwinsoft’s flag ship product as a spamming tool. It would be like buying a Lamborghini and using it for stock car racing. It might be fun for a while, but unless you are as rich as Croesus, you’re likely to regret it very quickly.

The End Of Tiered Linking?

Up until recently there was a widely held view that linking structures were important. That SEO’s needed to employ a tiered link structure to get the best benefit. While this is still partially true I believe it needs some serious alteration to reflect the search engine requirements as they stand now and through 2014. In the past too many poor quality links were made behind a semi-effective first-tier to both support them with authority and Page rank and finally, with an outer tier to ensure that the whole network was effectively indexed.

A better system now would be to remove the third tier altogether. This indexing layer is often filled with low quality websites and many thousands of them. Using them for indexing purposes in the knowledge that they will never provide any decent link juice. This effort would be far better spent improving the quality of your direct link profiles. Luckily Ultimate Demon is entirely set up a working in this manner.

Other elements have become increasingly important. The timing and placement of back links requires that your offsite SEO application (in this case Ultimate Demon) has the ability to sort and filter sites to find their relevancy. And once the target has been found to build a powerful profiles over time in a manner which makes it easy for the user. It goes without saying that all of this means the control of both placement and timing on-going. It’s all there. I doubt any other tool in an SEO’s toolbox can fulfil these requirements as effectively at such a low price point. Looking and working as if it was a professionally developed tool, (which it is), rather than, like many of the applications that SE’s buy and use today, which look and feel as if they were made in a teenager’s bedroom.

The message here is simple.

bad linking is the fault of the linker not the tool

The SEO Tool Is As Good As The Person Using It.

There is no need to create empty and vacuous links, the days of single post Web 2.0 sites and thin Wiki spam clutter are over, and these practices should be avoided. They offer no value to you, your reader or Google.

Clear away the clutter, most of your linking toolkit is probably now obsolete because it doesn’t offer the granular precision and control of every element that is now vital. Let Ultimate Demon do the job instead!

How To Use The Ultimate Demon Site Detector

One of the main selling points of Ultimate Demon is its ability for the user to scrape and add their own sites. Ideally you’d want to find websites in your niche and add some valuable content to them. It says something that pre-scraped and tested link lists are such a popular bonus and sort of shows that many users shy away from this activity. The problem with even the best tested lists though is that they will not be tailored to your niche. You always going to benefit from scraping your own sites. So let’s see how easy that can be.

Would Your Site Benefit From Niche Specific High Quality Links?

Some of the e- mail I’ve had in the past has told me that scraping from footprints is a process that few users actually take advantage of. A good percentage might benefit from optimising the process a little. Using Ultimate Demon to control a hub of valuable profiles is all well and good, but how much more powerful is it when they are all in your niche?

I’ve chosen to show the process in Scrapebox here, you’ve probably seen tutorials in the past that give you an idea how to add your own footprints and scrape sites for adding to your Ultimate Demon database. However, a couple of months ago Scrapebox changed, it now comes with more than 30 search engines included as standard and the ability to add your own.

Using The Ultimate Demon Site Detector “Like A Boss”!

This has great benefits. Firstly, it’s going to give you a much wider set of results. Just as importantly, by spreading out your search efforts it’s going to take a lot less strain on your proxies. For instance, using five threads all pointed directly at Google when you have 10 proxies means that each one is going to be rotated every other search (1 out of 2). The same 10 proxies running on five threads but using 20 different search engines means that Google is only being hit 1 in every 40 searches, reducing the chances of burnout significantly.

The first video sets it up.

My poor quality look at scraping sites. Look below for Loopline’s expert video :)

As I mentioned, the real expert for getting the very best scraping effort is Loopline, so I’ll defer to his technical video here to show you how this is done in practice.

Here’s How An Expert Scrapes For New Sites!

Loopline’s excellent custom harvester tutorial. Better than mine

Next, we come to adding this content into Ultimate Demon. The third video shows a few common errors that people might make.

Since an update in the summer of 2013, Ultimate Demon site adding tool is much more stringent. It takes a lot longer to analyse each site to see whether it is suitable for adding to the database or not. Ideally you might want to have your sites listed by platform. Then use the drop-down boxes to add the specific site type and subtype.

Be platform specific and set to search in subfolders_thumb[2]

This will prevent the site adder tool from needing to go through all the different possibilities to arrive at the platform you are adding. This can reduce the amount of time it takes by as much as 90%.

The site detector. Get the best results and one great tip to find niche sites quickly


Next, always make sure the checkbox next to the red writing which reads “Important, if your sites are stored within a subfolder, press here” many platforms and content management systems are stored in a subfolder underneath the main root domain. Not checking this can reduce the number of sites successfully found my Ultimate Demon by huge amount.

Bad Words List Used For Good_thumb[1]Finally, a little trick. Check out the video. Using the “bad words” list to actually filter out sites that are in your niche by doing an initial run through. Adding context words to the bad word list, Ultimate Demon will sort these out and separate them. You can then add a second time, this time without the bad words list and use the “Groups” option within Ultimate Demon to create your own set of relevant profile targets in a group.