August 2014 Incremental Update

A new month, time for a new bonus/members update.

August Update

This one is a single tested affair, that is to say that the sites have been accepted by the Ultimate Demon site adder but I have not attempted to create accounts with them.

They include

  • WIKI
  • Bookmark
  • WEB2.0
  • Article

The previous list (July) is still in place and downloadable from the same post at and those are the fully tested sites with account creation proofs added.

The plan is to do another incremental update in September, then do a full refresh of all sites, retesting all sites – plus new ones in October 2014. The cycle will then start again with 2 months of incremental updates followed by a full retest in the third month.

This is the 35th update to the members bonus that was first started on demondemon and them moved to this site about 10 months ago. We have been supporting Ultimate Demon with tutorials (remember to download the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide ) and updates since the product was released.

A couple of people have commented since the 30th update earlier this year, and with their permission I reprint 2 of them here.

I have 2 or 3 SEO tools in my kit that I don;t really use and would not recommend to others. The difference with your bonus buddy is that it means that Ultimate Demon is still my go to tool. The developers should pay you for the support you’ve given this product

Xavier Holt

Another update, I was waiting for the month when you just stopped, most people just stop at some point and take the money and run with it. Not you. respect for honouring your buyers

Michael Cavendish White

A few places are left to join the scheme (I monitor the numbers to keep the lists as exclusive as I can) If you didn’t;t buy Ultimate Demon through my link but still want the regular updates. It’s a one off payment of $39 for the lifetime membership. Please do NOT send money to Paypal without contacting me first at – I will explain how the system works. Have a great month. Scritty

Ultimate Demon Released

July 2014 Major Update For Ultimate Demon

Great news for users of the most effective SEO software tools on the market. July 19th 2014 brings a major update.

Major Update For Ultimate Demon

Whilst the last few months have introduced literally hundreds of “silent” script and site updates, this is the first one in a while that will require a full re-download of the Ultimate Demon client.

Here at UD2 we will be supporting the changes this update brings as quickly as possible in terms of the Bonus packs that our members get. I’m hopeful that we will have packs with the new site types included out before the end of July

The Change List

Download the latest user guide from:

VERSION (Release Date: 19th July 2014)
1. Self-add sites for document and press release platforms are not
   exporting the correct type. This is now fixed.

2. Fixed a bug in “Generate Report” unable to save “Document” typed
   reports after clicking [Save].

3. Unable to export document accounts. This is now fixed.

4. Fixed a bug in which pinged URLs are not displayed when user switch
   to display “Pinged” view under the “Ping” tab.

1. Added a new platform: Microblog into the system.

   Platforms Supported:
   – Jisko
   – StatusNet

   Users can now harvest for Jisko and Status.Net microblog sites and
   post to them.

   NOTE: The software does not come with default list. Users have
   to scrap them from the search engines.

   Sample Jisko search engine footprint:
   “Powered by Jisko” + “Mobile Interface”

   Sample search engine footprint:
   “StatusNet microblogging software” + “recent tags”

2. Cloning of task now clone folder settings too.

3. Task log now allows user to copy more than 1 URL by selecting
   multiple records.

4. User can now update account status for sites selected from the
   task log screen.

5. Proxy test screen now has an option allowing user to keep proxy
   servers that reveal the real IP.

6. User can now extract and instruct the software to “click” URLs
   within emails that do not contain any activation URL.

   To use this function:

     i) Go to the “Mailbox” tab
    ii) Select the email address from the dropdown
   iii) Right click on any of the listed email
    iv) Choose “Click All Links For All Emails Without Activation
     v) Click [Start] to instruct the software to “click” the
        extracted links

What Does This Mean?

There are some aspects here I’m really keen to test. The email clicking function seems innocuous, but for power users, the ability to find those hidden confirmation links could well turn out to be one of the largest boosts to efficiency yet.

The new site types (platforms) are already being scraped, sorted and tested using both the footprints above plus others I’ve developed. The results so far are very promising. Some very high value high authority sites with good trust metrics an Page rank.

Admin of those creating multiple campaigns a day or cloning campaigns will be made considerably easier with the other changes listed.

A great major update to go with the hundreds of almost daily “silent updates that the developers have consistently brought out over the lifetime of this great product.

July 2014 Full Members Update

Yes, it’s a little late (again) sorry about that. I expected to to get this current list out about the 20th, but things took over and it’s almost July now.

However, I hope you’ll find it’s worth the wait, as this is perhaps the biggest fully tested link list update I’ve ever done.

It’s the 34th update for my members bonus (available for anyone who buys Ultimate Demon, Kontent Machine or WordAI through any of my links) and the 9th full refresh of the sites.

What’s A Full Refresh?

I scrape sites 24/7 on up to 3 servers at once (usually, sometimes I drop down to one when my other work load is heavy) but often I’ll be scraping on 3.

Using tools like Scrapebox, Hrefer and GSA’s platform finder. Over the course of a month I’ll often gather close to ten million provisionally identified sites.

Now I could just dump these massive unsorted lists on people and say “Here’s a huge number of sites.” and maybe some people would be satisfied with that. Big numbers impress people. But from experience I know that this is actually a horrible idea – because the vast majority of them won’t work at all!

First I sort the sites by platform. blogs, WIKI’s forums, WEB2.0 etc. Many of the platforms are good for AAA content/link tools like Ultimate Demon and SeNuke XCR, others are better for GSA SER, Scrapebox and other scattergun/spamming tools. Most of the sites I get are forums and blogs, and many of these are very low value. These are sorted out and removed for other lists. Then the REAL testing begins on just the good content sites that remain.


Part one of the testing process is to add them to Ultimate Demon. To make sure that the site adder accepts the sites. This can take days in itself. Once that’s done the several million sites will be a few tens of thousand.

Part two is what no-one else does. After almost 3 years I’m still the only bonus provider that does this vital second test. What is that test?

I actually run Ultimate Demon to create profiles and post links on every site in my database. If the site does not allow profile creation – it does not go in my list.

  • 1100 Article Sites
  • 400 WEB20 Sites
  • 550 WIKI Sites
  • 1200 Bookmark Sites
  • 440 Directories
  • 25 Document Sharing Sites

Better still – every major refresh I provide a spread-sheet file with the output from Ultimate Demon that PROVES the testing.

Absolute proof that the sites work. The user names and passwords and other details so anyone with the bonus can check every single site themself and see that I created these accounts. Sites are always tested less than a week before the release of the bonus pack.

Actual Account Proofs Of 100% Testing

If a site does not allow you to create accounts it does not go into the list. Period!

And the proof that this testing is done is there for all to see. 100% testing transparency

Link And Content Best Practice

To get these results I use best practice methods. Private proxies that work! Good captcha solving, I slow down submission to avoid spam blocks and issues with Recaptcha slaps when creating accounts on sites like Pligg.

When I add the sites to the Ultimate Demon database in the first place I add each list twice.

Tick this

Once with this box ticked…. once without.

For a full best practice guide follow the instructions in the Ultimate Demon Advanced User Guide which is available free to download here. It is also included in the bonus pack download.

The bonus itself is linked to from the Gold members area of only viewable by those with Gold status membership which is the bonus when buying any of the products listed above. Membership is for life, and I add other offers and free stuff whenever the opportunity arises.

What’s Next?

There are a couple of lesser used (but just as powerful) site types not updated here. Video sharing and Press release. They will be updated later in July.

IN addition. If you want the Forum and Blog lists. (along with other various site types, useful for spam tools like GSA etc) then they are available free to all here

A New Era For Ultimate Demon?

Before I start, a caveat. None of what is below has been accepted by Edwinsoft (the developers of Ultimate Demon). Much of it is wishful thinking on my part and may never happen at all.

Time To Refresh Our Favourite SEO Tool

Time To refresh Ultimate Demon



I email the development team from time to time. Most of the time it is me asking for some help or clarification on a topic, though sometimes they may want my opinion on something. It’s a good working relationship.

Some months ago I mentioned that my SEO strategy had moved to a content focussed approach. I also stated that Ultimate Demon still played an important part, though now it was one of a number of tools I used to help cut down the “busy work”. I was flattered when they asked me to expand on this. So I sent the first email below  (another quick note, images have been added that were not in the original several spelling and layout issues corrected).

My Open Letter To Ultimate Demon Developers

Hi all,

A content solution is 50% just marketing repositioning – and 50% new features or changes to existing features. So rather than focus on link building the terms used should be about “Content management” and “Profile building”.

Creating profiles on high PR sites, being able to make complete use of certain site features – set up to most often to the same profile. Which, of course, it does now – but this still seems to confuse people and is probably the question I’m asked the most “can I make more than one post”.. I always say yes, but this “profile management” might benefit from being a higher priority in your marketing strategy.

Content tools? Finding citation partners both big and small (From CNN and BBC, WIKI whatever, down to small but well made blogs in a similar niche) Scouring news sources for curation. Having UD set up to allow simple news syndication. Making it clear that this is one of a number of strategies and shouldn’t be the entire content of the site. It seems that Panda 4 disliked sites that overused curation, but it is still a valuable tool if used in moderation.

Posting notice of new posts and content to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. I don’t mean tools to create accounts or spam social networks, just the ability to promote fresh content to them. Helps with getting unique content indexed quickly. Another benefit of doing this is to prevent getting a plagiarism slap. Even if someone later scrapes it, you already have it pre-indexed. A quick way to get some initial hi authority link power.

Generally setting up the user interface in UD to make it clear that it is now primarily a content control solution – not a link creation/spamming tool.Yes – a lot of the distinction is in the users mind, and how they choose to use the tool. But it’s a win for everyone if that’s the way it is marketed.

Some responsibility for how a productivity tool is used must be down to the user themselves. Sure you can just “spam” but why would you when there are much better options available?

A tag line might be:

“Control Your Content Marketing Campaigns From One Simple Yet Powerful Interface” Or

“Still Only Sending Your Content To One Audience? Ultimate Demon Allows You To Service Everyone Who Would Benefit From Your Well Written Content – With You Retaining Complete Control”

That sort of thing.

Not so much about scraping tons of stuff and spinning it. But allowing people to curate, syndicate and manage profiles simply with the current UI tweaked to make doing this even easier. Just my thoughts.

So there you have it. I don’t go into much detail to be sure. It’s a framework or an idea and is all about repositioning an SEO tool as a content management tool.

To be clear, Ultimate Demon as a content management tool  can do 75% of the content functions now, and with the help of other applications it can be a superbly powerful tool for and effective none-spam SEO strategy. Most other tools on the market are not capable of doing this, not least because they do not give the user the precise control profile by profile of every aspect of content, link, image, video placement. Nuke and to a lesser extent Magic Submitter are the only other two I can think of that could possibly go down this road. I’ve tried every tool I know of, dozens, and the AAA list is really just Demon and Nuke. But I would prefer an all in one content application.

Let’s see what transpires.

Smile Scritty

June 2014 Ultimate Demon Members Update

First of all, sorry for the delay. There was no update in May, things got a little on top of me and I was unable to process the sites.

Natural Powerful Links

Rest assured that my servers are going at full tilt scraping tens of thousands of sites every day and June will have a second update with every. new site, and all the ones in the existing lists, retested.

Ultimate Demon Update Inbound!

Also some great news has come to me via the developers Edwinsoft.

They have told me that a major update is due this month that will add some much asked for features to the link building application. Not just new platforms, but extra functionality that will make the best value content syndication and link building tool in SEO even better.

Remember – Profile Creation Beats Link Building

One thing that AAA link building tools such as this have over some of the cheaper competitors is the ability to build powerful profiles that promote user engagement and click-through.

Let’s forget the impact on search engines for a minute (just a minute, we’ll get back to them later) and concentrate on the user experience for a moment.

Creating random spam links on untargeted sites is having less and less traction. We all know that. It’s not  a surprise, it’s the way all search engines have been pushing for years now. I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.

Sure, in some weak niches spam links might win battles, but if you are looking for long term success in an overtly commercial niche with strong competition., then you are going to need to engage properly with your visitors, and that includes getting them hooked by having powerful, regularly updated (or at least well populated sites)

Spam creation tools either fail to provide this, or make it such a cumbersome process that you might as well do it by hand.

Where SeNuke and Ultimate Demon (the 2 standout AAA SEO tools on the market) win is in their ability to allow their users precise control of content.

Post regularly to the same profiles, control the EXACT placement of links. Set up natural posting rhythms to blog. In other words they can be used as content management tools just as well as “link spam” tools.

Getting a first tier that itself ranks, that can generate real traffic click through to your site, is respected by the search engines for adding content value and, in some cases, can become a powerhouse itself, that you retain full SEO control over in terms of on-going link building, content adding.. That’s where the future of offsite SEO is. TO deny that is to fight against the tide.

You Said You’d Get Back To The Link Building

Sorry, yes. While the latest Panda 4.0 update hit sites that over use syndication very hard (have a look at this post to see just what site types were hit hardest and why), it’s true to say that May 2014 saw an increase in the importance of good inbound links to effective ranking.

The trigger word here is “good”. Which means mostly in context, largely built on high quality sites or good profiles.

Free Download Effective SEO For 2014.

To see what works best I updated Blue Hat Demon recently, and, if you really want the down and dirty on just what to create, when and how – that’s where my own method is spelled out line by line. It’s not an abstraction of what I do. it is EXACTLY what I do for myself and my clients right down to the exact numbers and types of links you need to make (based on a formula that takes many site and competition factors into account).

So, if you have Ultimate Demon – read up and start promoting your site with powerful long lasting link profiles that promote user engagement and click-through.

If you don’t have it – with the major update inbound, there has never been a better time to invest in this high quality content and SEO management application

Ultimate Demon May 2014 Members Update

As regular users of Ultimate Demon will already be aware, it is updated several times a week without the fanfare of having to download a patch and do a full reinstall. It does what is known instead as a “silent update”. While booting up it calls back to Edwinsoft’s servers and updates sites and scripts automatically. I much prefer this method as you know you always absolutely up-to-date and it negates the chance for any manual errors occurring.

A quick overview of Ultimate Demon’s Updates over the past month.

April 2014 was a particularly busy month for the silent updates with almost 100 new sites added by the developers. More than this, the success rates for the sites on my unsorted bonus lists improved dramatically.

Bonus Lists?

It works like this. Once every three months I do a complete 100% retest of every site in my lists adding any new ones scraped over the previous 90 days. It’s a process that takes up to a week to complete as it involved many tens of thousands of sites. These tens of thousands of sites are my “unsorted lists”, the ones that pass and allow complete account creation and link submission are my “members lists”. I only deal with 100% success, if it doesn’t work… my members never see it. Only those sites that allow for sign-up and submission are sorted and put in my members bonus. This is often a figure just over 1000.

Download the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide. Taking you beyond the basics. Get the most power and the best success rates from Edwinsoft’s premier link building tool. >>>

How big are the unsorted lists? A quick count up now shows that I test and filter from (wait for it) 145,771 sites to bring that 1,100 that are bulletproof. As members also know, I provide the actual accounts, emails, user names and passwords that were created during the testing process as part of the bonus. This is proof positive that the sites work. Hell, you can even use the accounts I created in testing if you wanted to, all the information is there for you Smile

Site Success Entropy

Over the course of the  90 days between one full retest and the next the success rate will drop by a few per-cent even for those who follow the best practice procedures as outlined in the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide. The main reason for this is that the owners of the sites either close them for new sign-ups or close them for submissions altogether. If you aren’t in before the door shut that’s it. During that 90 day period I will add 2 incremental updates of sites that have been partially tested. These partial updates are sites that Ultimate Demon will accept into it’s database, but they have not yet been tested for account creation and link submission. They are tested once the 90 day full retest cycle comes around again.

What About CMS Updates?

Another reason for a slight drop off in sign up success is that the content management systems behind many of the sites types are often updated. WordPress article sites for example have had almost 35 updates since the platform was released. Many of these will break the automated scripts in tools and mean that the sites are flagged as unattainable. Well, the huge amount of work that Edwinsoft have done in April 2014 seems to have improved the situation no end. I’m guessing here, but it looks like they have added many new alternative scripting paths to the standard sign-up and submission processes. A quick retest of some of my unsorted lists shows many more sites now working. Great news all around.

I’m already looking forward to June and July 2014 update and having substantially more sites in my lists that I’ve had previously.

May 2014 Members Pack

Talking about my bonus updates, the May update, due in the next two weeks will be my 30th successive month of providing these. This helps to ensure that my members always have the very best potential to create high-quality links for their content marketing campaigns.

The 31st update the following month in June 2014 will be a full refresh of the testing procedures for all sites. A lot of hard work, but it does, I hope, provide value for my members.

Integration With Kontent Machine 3 Cloud Save Functionality

One thing I would like to see however, is the fantastic cloud save functionality from Kontent Machine 3 being supported directly from within Ultimate Demon. It already deals very well with KM3 campaigns, but adding the facility to draw these from the cloud so you can run these two applications on separate machines with no file swapping required, something which I know many who are serious about SEO and content marketing already do, would be a great addition.

Maybe that’s being saved for the release of Ultimate Demon 2.0, something else I’m excited to see in the near future.

More information on my members site coming up in the near future.

Ultimate Demon Advanced User Guide

The Best Content Management And Link Building Tool For 2016

Very few SEO tools today allow professional users to adopt a safe, flexible, effective and cost efficient content approach to SEO with great automation to reduce the “busy work” of day to day internet marketing.

Powerful, controllable and affordable. The original video from

Ultimate Demon is a tool that does all this, and more.

It’s 2016, so it time to get rid of poor SEO practice. Out with “blast linking”, poor content, one press solutions that don’t work and links that fade and fail over time. It’s time for a change. It’s time to add value to the internet and create your own powerful content empire based on sustainable profiles all handled by the one application that offers you complete control.

  • In with the ability to create powerful multi URL profiles that have the ability to rank for themselves.
  • In with the ability to use great content and encourage click-through from your first tier structures. No need to spam, no need for “junk” sites.
  • In with the control serious internet marketers require to place links exactly where and when you want them on profiles that get STRONGER over time the more you add to them
  • In with full, engaging user profiles. Bio’s that contain images, profiles that have embedded images and videos. Exactly like hand made profiles should be.

All of this power and control that would take a manual SEO expert days, can be reduced to just a few hours with the EXACT same results. Just without the painful slow “busy work” that content management demands in 2014.

Ultimate Demon Does The Heavy Lifting For You, Leaving You More Time To Do What You Do Best.

Ultimate Demon allows the user precise control of their content, the placement and type of links, control of anchor text – indeed the ability to create large powerful profiles on high authority high trust sites that provide value both in terms of SEO benefits and from click-through.

Introducing Ultimate Demon

Do We Offer A Bonus And Discount

Of course. The maximum discount allowed by the developer (Edwinsoft) for both lifetime license and monthly subscription is available via the links below or at the top right of every page of this site Use the discount codes provided Smile

The Bonus.

We are the ONLY site for ANY LINK product that offers regularly updated FULLY TESTED link lists. May 2014 will mark the 29th consecutive month for updates.

What do you mean “Fully Tested”?

Every site scraped is tested twice. First that it accepted into Ultimate Demon’s database, and secondly that5 you are actually able to create accounts and submit links.

In fact we provide a spread-sheet every third month with the actual accounts we created when testing. Emails, user names, passwords – the lot. YOu can see the accounts we created during testing for yourself. There is no better proof possible than that!

Free Membership To Authority SEO Forum.

Here’s a quick run down of the guide. Download it below!

Although anyone can join (, only Gold members can access the links area. I visit the forum regularly and am also available to answer questions on SEO most of the time.

Advanced And Updated Tutorials.

As part of a complete overhaul we present the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide.

The idea behind this set of tutorials is not to overlap with Edwinsoft’s  excellent beginners and starters guides. I include links to the official videos within the download, but the real point here is to progress further and provide users with the means to get the best from this SEO and link building tool.


Ecover Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide Ultimate Demon

Download the Advanced Users Guide


Or lick below for:


  • Setting up your PC to run the software.
  • Configuring a server or VPS (optional).
  • Creating a campaign that will work.
  • How to create powerful multi page profiles that will last.
  • Examples of the most effective settings.
  • Making sure your online optimization works alongside your link building.
  • Co-Citation and Syndication Rules.
  • Making the most of your content.
  • Getting free content from online sources.
  • Recovering from a Google ban.
  • Negative SEO. What it is, how to avoid it.

April 2014 Bonus Update

First of all, sorry for the delay. The February update came out on the 2nd March, and there was no March update to the lists. Instead this is the first of two incremental list updates for April.

This time I have concentrated on WIKI and WordPress (article) sites as well as other article sites. I’ve also added some document sharing sites.

  • 559 Article Sites
  • 489 WIKI Sites
  • 23 Document Sites

These are added to the current fully test lists of:

  • 119 Directory Sites
  • 189 WEB2.0 Sites
  • 300 Article Sites
  • 330 WIKI Sites
  • 348 Bookmark Sites

The second update due in 3 weeks will be WEB2.0 and Bookmark plus video sites.

April 2014 Link LIst Update

Difference Between Full Test And Incremental Updates?

Full Ultimate Demon Site List Test

3 or 4 time a year I do a full retest of every site in my database plus any new ones I’ve found. This forms the “Full Test”. The last one of these finished a few weeks ago, the next will be in early June 2014.

It is a major undertaking. Creating profiles and sending content to many tens of thousands of sites – checking every submission, and only allowing on to these lists those sites that actually WORK 100%

Scrape site –> Add to Ultimate Demon –> Create Profile –>Create Link

Only sites that allow the process above to complete are allowed on these lists.

These sites will remain on (or if you prefer) for several months and represent the premium site list.

Incremental List Updates

In the 2 or 3 months between full tests I add incremental site lists. These are scraped and then tested to be allowed into the Ultimate Demon SEO application. They are not tested for account creation of link placement.

Once the next full test date comes around they will be tested. But for now they are best used as lower tier sites with an expectation of higher failure rates.

Why Do It Like This?

The full test takes literally days (almost 5 days last time I did it) to test the 50,000 plus sites in the entire database – I follow proper protocol, human submission speeds, private proxies, delay between account creation and content submission.

To do this in one go is the only really effective way to do it. All article sites tested, all WEB.2.0 sites tested. The completed sites give me one “working” file. Doing this every couple of weeks would be a full time job and create a lot of smaller files.

So I scrape, and test that Ultimate Demon accepts sites, then release these as incremental “partially tested” lists to GO ALONGSIDE the always present fully tested list.

I would always use the fully tested sites as a preference, but yoo have the choice of using these incremental updates to add variation.

Then, after 8-10 weeks, I do another full retest, every site I have goes through the mill again, and all incremental files are removed and a new ”fresh fully tested” list is added to the members area

Hope that makes sense Smile

Controlling Anchor Text Density Within Ultimate Demon

Yesterday I published an article looking at the way in which you can safely establish keyword relevancy on a particular URL without invoking any penalties.

Of the many things to change over the past two years, this is one of the most profound and probably one of the most under discussed topics.

Controlling anchor text in Ultimate Demon

As this site is dedicated to Ultimate Demon, I’ve decided to look now at how you can control keyword density within your anchor text specifically within Ultimate Demon.

Generic Anchor TextUnfortunately, there is no user control method added to the application, but it’s pretty easy to get round if you have a list of generic click phrases and spend two or three minutes upfront setting up your task.

The video above shows how it’s done, and I’ve included a zip file which has around 500 stock phrases which you can add into your campaigns. There are enough there for you to be able to just pick however many you need. Selecting a random 30 or 40 from within this 500 should be enough to provide a unique subset as well as giving you the variation you need.

A final quick note, April’s link packet update may be a few days early in late March, and annexed a bonus for members is being negotiated for release in April.


Click the image above to download the generic anchor text list.

February 2014 Ultimate Demon Bonus Refresh

Today marks the 20th consecutive monthly bonus refresh for members who buy Ultimate Demon (or other selected SEO tools) through one of my sites.

February 2014 Link List Updates

The video below shows the update.

Apologies for it being a little late, it was due out almost 2 weeks ago, but events caught up with me a little. A change in servers eat up almost 10 days of my time – the second complete change of server in the past 4 months. Hopefully it’s all sorted out now.

A quick look at the February 2014 update

The next update is due out in less than 2 weeks (early March) and will be an incremental update with more Document Sharing and Video sites being the main focus. Of course if the opportunity arises to add more of any other site type – I’ll jump on it. Remember to join up at once you have made your purchase and apply for “Gold Membership” to get your hands on the regularly updated bonus. I’ll also answer most queries though my contact email address which you can find on the “Contact” page on any of my sites.

Proof Of Testing Included

As usual, when doing a full refresh, I include proof that not only are the lists accepted by the link tool, but also that accounts can be created and links submitted using these lists.

There is a .CSV files (comma separated value files) included for WIKI, WEB2.0, Article and Bookmark sites which show the actual accounts created, user names, passwords and even the e-mail address used when testing these lists.

You could actually go and use these accounts yourself if you wanted.

I can’t think of a better way of showing how fresh and recently tested and 100% working these lists are than actually providing the accounts I created during testing.

All tests were carried out in the last 12 days, many as recently as 48 hours before publishing these lists.

As my members will tell you, these full refreshes are something I do very often to make sure that my sites retain their value over time. Along with other bonus items and the maximum allowable discount, I believe I offer the very best deal for tools like Ultimate Demon and Kontent Machine on the internet.

Long lasting support, advice coupled with the maximum discount and regular updates.

Take care.