Don’t Forget The Ultimate Demon Bonus!

Woops! Nearly forgot to mention the great bonus.

If you buy Ultimate Demon thorough my link here at then you are entitled to my world class, monthly updated bonus.

  • Yes – it’s the same deal as it is for demondemon
  • Membership to my private SEO forum
  • Monthly updates of link packets (currently 20 months and never missed an update)
  • Other tools and resources. Indexing tools, discounts, E-books. Constantly updated.
  • So once you purchase Ultimate Demon send the last 4 digits ONLY of the receipt to “” and apply to my SEO forum at send the user name you chose to apply with along with your email
  • I’ll approve your application and give you access to the bonus items as soon as I log in next. Never missed a beat!

But I Want Something NOW!

OK, I hear you. First let’s get a few things straight. I support Edwinsoft products like no other affiliate.I use them daily. I’m happy to give you stuff. A couple of e-books that will completely show you how to make the most in SEO after Penguin. How to dominate in fact.

Both e-books above were update after Penguin 2.1 rollout and reflect current best practice. Go on – download them – you know you want to Smile

None of this “Here’s your bonus now shove off” like you get from other websites.

Paul Rone-Clarke (Scritty) has supported Ultimate Demon from the beginning, added to the tutorials whenever it was required, updated the link lists every month, often more than once a month and looks after his members.

Access to the largest tutorial database for the tool, or maybe any other SEO tool anywhere on the internet


Paul Rone-Clarke (Scritty)