Checking Links Outside Ultimate Demon

Edwinsoft provide some excellent resources inside Ultimate Demon to check backlinks. But what if you want more depth or to double check that the links you are creating or the outbound links on your site really are good enough to rank you highly in the search engines?

Quality Checking!

Checking Links For Quality

Analyzing backlinks is an integral part of determining the success of your search engine optimization efforts. Such an analysis can enable you to review your seo performance, to benchmark your performance with your competitors and to also identify more sites that you can partner with to improve your backlink outreach. There are various resources that you can utilize in the analysis; some are free while others have to be paid for. 

Here are some free resources that you can utilize in analyzing your websites backlinks.

Google Webmaster Tool

This is probably one of the most utilized resources when it comes to the analysis of backlinks. Getting started with Google Webmaster Tool is quite easy as it only requires that you have a Google account. The main feature that makes it convenient is its dashboard which provides real time data about your websites backlinks. You also get to receive some tips on improving your backlink success through regular monitoring. 

Open Site Explorer

This tool rose to fame after the collapse of Yahoo Site Explorer. It is available on the website and is powered by SEOmoz. It is absolutely free to use although limited to 1000 links beyond which payment is required. When using it, you will find it quite easy and quick. You are able to make comparisons with other sites through the domain authority benchmark using scoring tools that make it easy to interpret. It has a built in Export to Excel functionality that you can use to gather data for analysis. You are also able to check your anchor text and determine their effectiveness. The disadvantage is that you are limited to only 1000 links as a free user. Although Moz can be a little prissy when it comes to advice, and the paid subscription is heavily over priced in comparison with other products, the free analysis tool is well worth the effort if it is all you need. Try it here.

Link Diagnosis

The Link Diagnosis tool works best with Firefox and requires that you install a plugin in order to view the reports. It is also quick and has various functionality features; Export to Excel functionality that is built in, and Anchor text analysis and visibility of no-follow links. It also provides various options when checking your website backlinks. For instance, you can get a detailed report for your website from a single webpage or entire website. The con of Link Diagnosis is that is works best with Firefox and may be ineffective with other browsers.


The SEMRUSH is not free as such, but you can try it out for 14 days at no charge before purchasing it. The tool is very effective since they have an extensive database that is updated regularly, which can give you accurate information about the status of your backlink status. You can also get more details about your backlinks such as the country that is generating most links for your website. Some functionality features include the backlink comparison for comparing your domain backlinks with others. The downside of this resource is that it is free for a short time after which you have to pay for it. 

Majestic SEO

You can access it on their website; It offers a detailed analysis of backlinks with the size of its index, which can be useful. You can use it for comparison with other sites, to analyze your anchor text and to conduct a backlink count. It has a built in Export to Excel functionality that you can gather data for further analysis. It is also able to separate EDU and GOV links making it easy for you to examine  quality links. The flipside of this tool is that the user interface is quite sophisticated and requires practice to use it well. You will also be required to pay a subscription fee after viewing the first 1000 links. Majestic has a freemium offer as well with more searches per day required if you join as a free member (requires email address)

Advanced Link Manager

If you want a tool that will do more than just analyze your backlinks, then Advanced Link Manager should be your choice. You can automate link building by configuring it to source websites and use their contact details to send link requests to the identified websites. Some of its features include the ability to monitor link building progress periodically and analyze anchor text. It can generate custom reports and emails, or even download them. Generally, this tool can be configured to automatically run at certain intervals and keep all the information up to date. The disadvantage is that it is only free for a short period of time and can be quite expensive if you decide to purchase it.

While most of the campaigns you create in Ultimate Demon are rock solid in terms of the link quality. It always pays to have some resources to hand to double check for you.