3 Ways To Encourage Webmasters To Link To Your Blog

OK, you are likely here because Ultimate Demon is your method of choice for attracting links. That goes without saying. However, it’s always good to mix things up, especially as far as getting links from other platform types.

As comprehensive as Edwinsoft’s tool is at creating links, it does have a finite number of platforms to choose from, and wide though that is, it’s always good to have some other options.

How to encourage webmasters to give you links naturally

To my mind the best option would be to attract a few links naturally from areas of the internet where automated link placement is just not normally possible. To delve into the places where Ultimate Demon and other tools cannot go.

I’ve asked my long term buddy Alain Perdot to write a few ideas down for me (because I’m mega busy this month) and he’s very kindly come up with three excellent ideas for attracting webmasters to your site and encouraging them to create “natural” links.

Alain Perdot’s Guide To Natural Link Building

A website may be professionally designed with its portfolio full of interesting work, hence no problem with it at all. However, it is just idle online and being ignored by many internet users. Increasing the number of website visitors from zero to over one thousand within a month is a daunting task, but it can be done once you recognize the harsh reality concerning the internet. It is worth noting that attention is the basic of online world. Attention is scarce due to the fact that it is finite. Therefore, you must earn it in case you want many people to give you their attention. In most cases, your work may fail to speak for itself, thus you must always consider marketing. Your marketing must have creativity to become more effective and fun. There are three simple ways which can be used to attract more links to your site freely.

First of all, you should consider doing better on your blog and site. Giving users what they require, query’s best results has always been the priority for Google. This search engine does not like showing people pages of poor quality. It is very crucial to ensure that your site has plenty of quality blog posts and pages. Always keep in mind that Google gives warning against pages or thin content which tries to game the search outcome. Put more concentration on ensuring the production of copy that will be enjoyed by people informs and educates, most important is unreservedly useful. Quality content will bring back readers who in most case may want to have it shared with their associates and friends. More links will be earned and people pleased. They may end up downloading your offers and get signed up to your daily, weekly, monthly or annual newsletters. In case you produce a copy uninspiring, dull or mainly written for the search engines with stuffed keywords, the people who buy your services or product will not be please with your site.

Secondly, it is important that you ensure optimization of your social media profiles. Usually, most businesses are not mindful, neither do they plan when creating their social media profiles, hence a big mistake. Social media profiles can send traffic to your site in two ways. First and foremost, through the content that you post to all your social media account, and lastly, via the links to your website in the profiles themselves. enabling this website traffic requires that you consider optimizing for Google, which will show your profiles in all search outcome in case the copy is an excellent match for the query being searched. Therefore, it will be necessary that you consider including keywords in your title and description on social medial platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Always recall that relevancy and quality are Google’s major likes. For that reason, Google will ignore a profile that is not relevant to the query being searched. 

Lastly, you should consider developing partnership. For instance, in case you are a graphic designer specialized in creating website, it will be an excellent idea if you consider partnering with other professionals in the field of graphic design, such as CMS experts or writers so as to finish some special tasks, and also use the alliance as your tool of marketing. With built partnership, you can have a page created on your own website for team promotion. Your partners may also create pages of same nature on their site and each partner link to the website of the other members of the team. With partnership, you will increase traffic to your website without spending any money.

There is none of the above mentioned three methods that can be fixed quickly. They all need effort, persistence and time. However, it is fortunate that the benefits associated with them are cumulative, considering the fact that, as more subscribers and links are attracted to your blog, more of your free content get circulated and become known as a rising star in your field, you will keep on attracting many more new visitors to your site for each and every hour you spend on marketing. But remember that it does not necessarily mean that every visitor to your site is a client, if that was the case, then there would be a lot more online millionaires.

So there we have it. While Ultimate Demon might be your go to tool 75% of the time, the value of these other links created manually or by other webmasters cannot be underestimated. It’s a lazy SEO who relies completely on automation.