Time Saving Tools For Digital Marketers

To compete with SEO giants in the industry, it’s imperative to have the best and most effective time saving SEO tools at your fingertips. These tools enable you to save time, find new opportunities and keep track on the performance of your SEO as well as how it can be boosted. By finding such tools you’ll have made a step ahead of your competitors, something that gives you an edge when it comes to hitting the bigger jackpot. That said, we have identified three brand new time saving SEO tools that will not only make your clients happy, but also save you a significant amount of time and energy.

Saving Time With Digital Marketing

AccuRanker’s Google GrumpGoogle

Grump index monitors changes in rankings, allowing you to make precise predictions about impending updates to Google’s algorithm. Their system is developed to monitor anomalies in ranking fluctuations, which are translated into different moods by a tiger mascot. This enables you to determine how quickly an impending update will be.
The moods are:

Chilled: It mean nothing unusual is happening).

Caution: Although there’s nothing serious to worry about, a continuous upward trend could imply a mood swing). Grumpy: Ranking fluctuations are happening in an unusual way. This means an update could be coming soon).

Furious: It means the rankings are very high and the likelihood of an update happening is also high

Grump has the ability to filter by device and country, a feature that makes it better than other algorithm indexes. This is increasingly becoming an important element due to the growing importance of mobile devices. Users can also sign up for notifications on mood alterations, which makes it possible for them to get immediate updates.

URL Profiler

One amazing thing with URL profiler is that you can mass-check tens and even hundreds of URLs at a go. This saves time because checking URLs one at a time normally take hours. With this tool, you can connect to Google Search Console and pull back all the URL data you need, including top ten referring keywords, impressions, average position, clicks as well as click-through-rate. Instead of checking one page at a time in the Search Console, URL profiler gives you all the data you need within minutes. You will also be able to identify the best and worst performing pages.
Another important feature with URL Profiler’s Google Indexation Checker is that it loads your sitemap in order to identify which pages are indexed and which ones aren’t. Mobile Friendliness Checker is another important feature. Google have been rewarding pages that offer commendable mobile experience, something that has compelled more website owners to switch to mobile friendly websites.

It is worth noting that Google determines ‘friendliness’ based on pages rather than an optimized theme. This means the theme might be optimized but some of the pages aren’t mobile friendly. Therefore, you can use URL profiler to check each page against Google’s mobile-friendly API. Lastly, their Mobile & Desktop Speed Performance Checker enables you to check load speeds on both mobile devices and desktop. This gives you a rounded perspective on your site’s overall performance.


LinkResearch Tool’s Impactana

Agencies often find it hard creating content spanning multiple and even diverse industries. Additionally, we can’t deny the fact that some niches are easier to brainstorm than others. Luckily, Impactana can help you find resourceful content ideas easily. This tool allows you to identify the web’s winning pieces of content, which can inspire the ideas of your clients. While Impactana searches the entire content to ensure all important and relevant results are highlighted, other similar tools rely on your chosen keyword that appear in the title of your content. It has filtering options that allow you to drill down by content type (e.g. blog posts, eBooks, infographics, etc) and also engagement figures.

To help you choose the best pieces of content, this tool combines two features: a). Buzz: It analyses social metrics, including comments, shares, and tweets in order to identify how widely shared the content is. b). Impact: It measures real user engagement, with metrics such as clicks, views, comments, downloads and links.
It is worth noting that Impactana supports a total of 27 languages. Therefore, working with international clients will be a huge bonus. It also allows you to set up alerts based on topic mentions or brand, which happens to be the perfect way of remaining on top of relevant content appearing to your clients.


Search Engine Optimization might be tricky if you’re not conversant with it. However, spending quality time to understand how these three SEO tools function will save you unnecessary disappointments, instead pushing you up the Google ladder within the shortest time possible and will less effort. It saves you both time and energy.