Best 3 Tools For Checking Your Keyword Ranking

2015 was a tremendous year for search engine optimization (SEO). Google changed its algorithms – once again! – and those brands that quickly adapted their pages for the search engine results page (SERP) saw a huge boost in leads, traffic, and sales. Despite the changes, keyword ranking continued to be a cornerstone of SEO. This year will be the same. In 2016, you’ll need to ensure your keywords and phrases are on-point and relevant to your niche if you stand any chance of ranking highly on the SERP. Luckily, various keyword checker tools can help you out. They’re easy to use: Just type in a keyword and discover how well it’s performing online. Here are some of the best ones that you need to know about.

Best Keyword Ranking Tools
Before we reveal the best keyword ranking tool for 2016, let’s check out a couple of worth runners-up.

SEO Centro Rank Checker

One of the most popular keyword checking tools online, Rank Checker – brought to you by SEO Centro – lets you monitor and track your marketing campaigns by entering specific keywords and monitoring their performance. Unlike some keyword tools, Rank Checker covers Yahoo, as well as Google, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your current campaigns from different sources. Find out where your keywords are ranking right now and how they’ve performed in the past. You’ll find Rank Checker an excellent resource if you want to improve your SEO and become an authority figure or go-to thought leader in your niche.

iWebTool Position Checker

Want to see how well your keywords are performing? With iWebTool Position Checker, now you can. This tool lets you monitor the positions of the keywords and phrases you use in meta-descriptions, on-page SEO, and your blog posts. You start by typing your domain and your keyword before being presented with a list of valuable data based on your query. iWebTool can be a fantastic way to want to find out which keywords are the most popular if you are planning a new marketing campaign. You can even search keywords over various search engines – not just Google! – so you can see how well words and phrases perform across-the-board. You can also limit your search to the first 100 results on Google for more accurate marketing insights.
iWebTool and Rank Checker are excellent resources, but there’s one keyword ranking checker that’s perfect for 2016…

Google Rank Checker (Search Engine Genie)

71 percent of marketers use broad keywords to attract leads at the top of the purchase funnel, according to research from Regalix. If you want to do the same, finding the right keywords can be tricky. Google Rank Checker from Search Engine Genie can make the process a lot less complicated. Best of all, the service is completely free to use, and you don’t need to download any software. Google Rank Checker works like this: You check the position of the keywords you use on Google to find out which phrases are performing well and which ones leave a lot to be desired. The perfect tool for fine-tuning your marketing campaigns, Google Rank Checker is easy-to-use, even if your knowledge of SEO is pretty limited.