Tools That Take You Beyond Link Building

Let’s assume you are creating links with Ultimate Demon or similar. All is going well. Your website is ranking, or at least making progress. But what metrics are underlying this that might affect your on-going search for the very best position in the search engines and how can you get a handle on these important KPI’s without spending a single cent yourself?

SEO Tools That Analyse Your Site And Its Links

Why should regular analysis of your website’s SEO take centre stage?

Well, for starters, various issues affect the behaviour of people surfing the web. These issues include updates to search engine algorithms that alter the assessment of a web page for relevance and changes in economic status, which impact buying patterns. The growth of a brand may also herald changes in the product mix, which may require adopting a new focus that matches a new product line. What is the implication of these and a myriad of other issues on SEO? 

As well as link building using tools like Ultimate Demon, you need to keep an eye on your website to ensure the quality of your landing pages does not deteriorate and your brand remains visible – in case you are an online retailer or marketer. Similarly, SEO optimization lets you monitor and take advantage of popular key phrase opportunities and changing search patterns for enhanced visibility and in turn, traffic. Admittedly, the essence of optimizing your website cannot be understated: it’s the firm’s lifeblood and affects competitiveness. 

Remove the guesswork from SEO analysis by adopting appropriate tools. Here’s a look at three tools that ensure clarity and will get your website on track:

1. Website Grader

This free tool from Hubspot could help you unearth your website’s untapped potential. It works by generating reports that grade your site based on certain criteria namely:

· Performance: It assesses a website for aspects such as page loading speed and size, which impacts lead generation. By gauging performance, you can adopt the personalized report and evaluate ways to enhance your site’s conversion rate.

· SEO: Can users find your site easily? The tool grades your website based on the ease with which users and search bots can find your site. Ultimately, the easier it is for a site to be found, the greater the potential for generating new leads. 

· Security: Cyber security is of great relevance to people browsing your website. Authentic sites engender customer confidence and safety, which increase customer interactions with your site. Sites that allow secure connections are highly graded by this tool.

· Mobile readiness: The tool assesses the responsiveness of your website to mobile devices. Considering the high rate of mobile use across the world, your site needs to the mobile friendly to cater for your target market. 

Your site’s score on Website Grader highlights the trouble spots that you should address to enhance its performance. 

2. Check My Links

This nifty tool lets you check your outbound and inbound links to ensure they work. Most people who encounter broken links while browsing your site will find it annoying and could be tempted to click elsewhere. In fact, broken links undermine the value of your site and impact negatively on your lead generation efforts. The sooner you get your links in order, the easier it will be for people to find your site appealing and interactive. 

Check My links helps content generators fix pages before publishing them online. Assuming that your website contains several links, the tool highlights any existing but broken links quickly, which helps you eliminate inactive links and spruces up your copy. Doing so ensures your copy is in tiptop condition and free from troublesome links that could impede your SEO strategy. 

3. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

This treasure trove offers several SEO resources to get your site on track. It not only points out the traffic to your site, but also the plausible traffic potential in general. GWT provides reports based on the following metrics:

· Impressions: Do you need to know the number of people who can find or see your website based on their keyword search? GWT lets you know. This metric determines the value of keywords in a certain page, which helps you use targeted keywords. 

· Clicks: How many clicks is your site generating? This metric lets you know the number of people clicking a particular site on the results page. 

· Click-through rate (CTR): Are people clicking on your site? A low CTR implies you need to take remedial action to increase the relevance of your website or page to search queries. Such tweaks would optimize your site and increase your ranking on search results.

· Ranking: By determining where your site ranks based on a certain keyword, you can gauge your performance and evaluate ways to boost your traffic. 

Although there is a learning curve to using the tool, mastering its use will enhance your visibility online. However, its easy-to-use interface is ideal for novice users intent on learning the basics of SEO analysis. 

Evidently, today’s online challenges necessitate the use of savvy tools to remain competitive. In order to leverage your position and gain more ground, these tools should be part of your SEO analysis toolbox. While paid-for tools are available, the free apps discussed could help your generate more leads and increase your conversion rates.