Link Building SEO Into 2015

Sometimes you are asked for an opinion, other times you volunteer it without being asked. Why? Because if something you are invested in occurs and you didn’t say anything before hand – and it turns out that whatever it is has moved in a direction that doesn’t suit you, or you don;t approve of – you really have little or no recourse to moan.

Product development isn’t a democratic process of course, but I know most responsible developers in the SEO business are keen to get user feedback. Edwinsoft – the makers of Ultimate Demon are no exception. Here’s my (ever so slightly tweaked) missive sent to them recently regarding the future development of Ultimate Demon. What do you guys and girls think?

An emphasis on content and control would seem a good move and not push UD far away from what it is now. Profile building rather than plain linking is a great way to add value.

Taking the “ideal” SEO and link building product as a hypothetical example, over time you add content to the profiles you own in the system. Sometimes with and sometimes without links.

It keeps count of links, images and videos. It gives the user confidence that they are posting where they thought they were posting and that the content is media rich and the link placement is appropriate.

A typical campaign would involve posting some campaigns with none self serving links to 3rd party authority sites, other runs with no links at all. All the time the user sees the numbers, sees the profiles grow and can even interlink within the same profile.

Countering The Fear Factor In Offsite SEO

Rank in SEO without fear

Fear is what is preventing more link building now, and I think the way to overcome that fear is to offer more control so users gain confidence in what they are creating with their offsite SEO

Really close control of the images, embedded videos so the user has confidence that they have real control over how many links are being created where and when.

Tools like GSA struggle to get close to this. While at a push, a user can specify link targets before hand and have some control of what content is used where as well as multimedia elements – it really struggles to do this well. Posting multiple times to the same profile is also technically possible with a tool like GSA, but far from a simple process, I doubt 1 in 100 users does any of this stuff properly in GSA.

The GSA interface is still set up for “press go and start spamming” style of linking – and that’s precisely what people are afraid to do these days.

I don’t think an emphasis on profiles. content and control is far removed from what Ultimate Demon is already. It’s certainly easier to push Ultimate Demon to perform most of these activities now than it is with cheaper tools.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. You guys know you will have my complete support if and when a new product or major update launches

The Future Of Offsite SEO Into 2015?

Over the past few years Google have changed the playing field a little – just a little mind you. It is probably no longer the case that 90% of all ranking potential is derived from inbound links any more, but you know what? It is still easily the biggest single factor. Not 90% but quite possibly 60% certainly more than 50%, and the decline of links as a ranking factor has levelled off sharply. They seem to have remained steady at 60% now for at least 18 months, if anything the rate is slightly on the rise again.

To put it bluntly – for now and for the next couple of years at least, without more and better links than your competitors you will not beat them to those coveted top spots in Google

Fear is your enemy now – fear of building links – this is Google’s biggest win with their Penguin and other updates, and they know it

Spamming is never a good idea, it never really had a long term future, so why spam?

Why not take a powerful tool like Ultimate Demon and use it to create powerful linking profiles that offer increasing authority and SERP potential over time

Is fear stopping you? Then you will lose. That’s just the way it is, and no effective marketer will tell you different.

Moving On

A major update for the members bonus is due this month (as it is every third month) I hop to have it up before  Halloween – the last incremental update was 2 weeks ago in late September.

Scritty (Paul)