September 2014 Update

I’ve had a facepalm moment. Yes another one.

After checking back over the past 6 months or so I realised I have not updated the forum lists at all. Ouch.

Tested Link Packs

Now, I know some of you are dubious about touching these. Forum links had bad press a few years ago, and rightly so.

The thing is, the field has cleared. Old forum platforms have been updated, sites lost and new webmasters with a better idea of how to clean house have grown up over the past 36 months.

This has to knock on effects;

1) The forums you can now get links on are a lot better in terms of authority and traffic then they were in the past

2) There are a lot less of them. Most of the wheat has been sorted from the chaff. Only the good, or the new improved forums remain.

That’s why a decent size list of well over 3,500 forums that have been proven to be accepted by Ultimate Demon are just the thing you guys are looking for.

Of course all the other lists are also there. Many thousands of sites tested to work with Edwinsoft’s premier link building tool

As usual, get on over to where the update is available to Gold Members

A quick reminder. Gold members are those on my SEO bonus list. Buy any product from me, send me an email to with the first 4 digits of the receipt – and you’re in.

Late October 2014 Full Refresh Inbound

It’s that time in the quarter again. where every link I have – plus thousands more I’ve gathered since the last refresh, gets fully tested again.

October 2014 is that month.

Every link goes through a full testing process. Added again to Ultimate Demon, then accounts created on every site.

If I can’t create an account – it doesn’t go in my list!

I provide reports in .CSV for every account created as proof. This includes email address, user name and password., You can go into the accounts and check them for yourself – hell you could even use them if you wanted to.

If a link doesn’t work – I don’t publish it. Period.

Well that full refresh (which takes almost a week)  is coming next month. Stay tuned Smile