August 2014 Incremental Update

A new month, time for a new bonus/members update.

August Update

This one is a single tested affair, that is to say that the sites have been accepted by the Ultimate Demon site adder but I have not attempted to create accounts with them.

They include

  • WIKI
  • Bookmark
  • WEB2.0
  • Article

The previous list (July) is still in place and downloadable from the same post at and those are the fully tested sites with account creation proofs added.

The plan is to do another incremental update in September, then do a full refresh of all sites, retesting all sites – plus new ones in October 2014. The cycle will then start again with 2 months of incremental updates followed by a full retest in the third month.

This is the 35th update to the members bonus that was first started on demondemon and them moved to this site about 10 months ago. We have been supporting Ultimate Demon with tutorials (remember to download the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide ) and updates since the product was released.

A couple of people have commented since the 30th update earlier this year, and with their permission I reprint 2 of them here.

I have 2 or 3 SEO tools in my kit that I don;t really use and would not recommend to others. The difference with your bonus buddy is that it means that Ultimate Demon is still my go to tool. The developers should pay you for the support you’ve given this product

Xavier Holt

Another update, I was waiting for the month when you just stopped, most people just stop at some point and take the money and run with it. Not you. respect for honouring your buyers

Michael Cavendish White

A few places are left to join the scheme (I monitor the numbers to keep the lists as exclusive as I can) If you didn’t;t buy Ultimate Demon through my link but still want the regular updates. It’s a one off payment of $39 for the lifetime membership. Please do NOT send money to Paypal without contacting me first at – I will explain how the system works. Have a great month. Scritty