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July 2014 Major Update For Ultimate Demon

Great news for users of the most effective SEO software tools on the market. July 19th 2014 brings a major update.

Major Update For Ultimate Demon

Whilst the last few months have introduced literally hundreds of “silent” script and site updates, this is the first one in a while that will require a full re-download of the Ultimate Demon client.

Here at UD2 we will be supporting the changes this update brings as quickly as possible in terms of the Bonus packs that our members get. I’m hopeful that we will have packs with the new site types included out before the end of July

The Change List

Download the latest user guide from:


VERSION (Release Date: 19th July 2014)
1. Self-add sites for document and press release platforms are not
   exporting the correct type. This is now fixed.

2. Fixed a bug in “Generate Report” unable to save “Document” typed
   reports after clicking [Save].

3. Unable to export document accounts. This is now fixed.

4. Fixed a bug in which pinged URLs are not displayed when user switch
   to display “Pinged” view under the “Ping” tab.

1. Added a new platform: Microblog into the system.

   Platforms Supported:
   – Jisko
   – StatusNet

   Users can now harvest for Jisko and Status.Net microblog sites and
   post to them.

   NOTE: The software does not come with default list. Users have
   to scrap them from the search engines.

   Sample Jisko search engine footprint:
   “Powered by Jisko” + “Mobile Interface”

   Sample Status.net search engine footprint:
   “StatusNet microblogging software” + “recent tags”

2. Cloning of task now clone folder settings too.

3. Task log now allows user to copy more than 1 URL by selecting
   multiple records.

4. User can now update account status for sites selected from the
   task log screen.

5. Proxy test screen now has an option allowing user to keep proxy
   servers that reveal the real IP.

6. User can now extract and instruct the software to “click” URLs
   within emails that do not contain any activation URL.

   To use this function:

     i) Go to the “Mailbox” tab
    ii) Select the email address from the dropdown
   iii) Right click on any of the listed email
    iv) Choose “Click All Links For All Emails Without Activation
     v) Click [Start] to instruct the software to “click” the
        extracted links

What Does This Mean?

There are some aspects here I’m really keen to test. The email clicking function seems innocuous, but for power users, the ability to find those hidden confirmation links could well turn out to be one of the largest boosts to efficiency yet.

The new site types (platforms) are already being scraped, sorted and tested using both the footprints above plus others I’ve developed. The results so far are very promising. Some very high value high authority sites with good trust metrics an Page rank.

Admin of those creating multiple campaigns a day or cloning campaigns will be made considerably easier with the other changes listed.

A great major update to go with the hundreds of almost daily “silent updates that the developers have consistently brought out over the lifetime of this great product.

July 2014 Full Members Update

Yes, it’s a little late (again) sorry about that. I expected to to get this current list out about the 20th, but things took over and it’s almost July now.

However, I hope you’ll find it’s worth the wait, as this is perhaps the biggest fully tested link list update I’ve ever done.

It’s the 34th update for my members bonus (available for anyone who buys Ultimate Demon, Kontent Machine or WordAI through any of my links) and the 9th full refresh of the sites.

What’s A Full Refresh?

I scrape sites 24/7 on up to 3 servers at once (usually, sometimes I drop down to one when my other work load is heavy) but often I’ll be scraping on 3.

Using tools like Scrapebox, Hrefer and GSA’s platform finder. Over the course of a month I’ll often gather close to ten million provisionally identified sites.

Now I could just dump these massive unsorted lists on people and say “Here’s a huge number of sites.” and maybe some people would be satisfied with that. Big numbers impress people. But from experience I know that this is actually a horrible idea – because the vast majority of them won’t work at all!

First I sort the sites by platform. blogs, WIKI’s forums, WEB2.0 etc. Many of the platforms are good for AAA content/link tools like Ultimate Demon and SeNuke XCR, others are better for GSA SER, Scrapebox and other scattergun/spamming tools. Most of the sites I get are forums and blogs, and many of these are very low value. These are sorted out and removed for other lists. Then the REAL testing begins on just the good content sites that remain.


Part one of the testing process is to add them to Ultimate Demon. To make sure that the site adder accepts the sites. This can take days in itself. Once that’s done the several million sites will be a few tens of thousand.

Part two is what no-one else does. After almost 3 years I’m still the only bonus provider that does this vital second test. What is that test?

I actually run Ultimate Demon to create profiles and post links on every site in my database. If the site does not allow profile creation – it does not go in my list.

  • 1100 Article Sites
  • 400 WEB20 Sites
  • 550 WIKI Sites
  • 1200 Bookmark Sites
  • 440 Directories
  • 25 Document Sharing Sites

Better still – every major refresh I provide a spread-sheet file with the output from Ultimate Demon that PROVES the testing.

Absolute proof that the sites work. The user names and passwords and other details so anyone with the bonus can check every single site themself and see that I created these accounts. Sites are always tested less than a week before the release of the bonus pack.

Actual Account Proofs Of 100% Testing

If a site does not allow you to create accounts it does not go into the list. Period!

And the proof that this testing is done is there for all to see. 100% testing transparency

Link And Content Best Practice

To get these results I use best practice methods. Private proxies that work! Good captcha solving, I slow down submission to avoid spam blocks and issues with Recaptcha slaps when creating accounts on sites like Pligg.

When I add the sites to the Ultimate Demon database in the first place I add each list twice.

Tick this

Once with this box ticked…. once without.

For a full best practice guide follow the instructions in the Ultimate Demon Advanced User Guide which is available free to download here. It is also included in the bonus pack download.

The bonus itself is linked to from the Gold members area of www.scritty.org only viewable by those with Gold status membership which is the bonus when buying any of the products listed above. Membership is for life, and I add other offers and free stuff whenever the opportunity arises.

What’s Next?

There are a couple of lesser used (but just as powerful) site types not updated here. Video sharing and Press release. They will be updated later in July.

IN addition. If you want the Forum and Blog lists. (along with other various site types, useful for spam tools like GSA etc) then they are available free to all here