A New Era For Ultimate Demon?

Before I start, a caveat. None of what is below has been accepted by Edwinsoft (the developers of Ultimate Demon). Much of it is wishful thinking on my part and may never happen at all.

Time To Refresh Our Favourite SEO Tool

Time To refresh Ultimate Demon



I email the development team from time to time. Most of the time it is me asking for some help or clarification on a topic, though sometimes they may want my opinion on something. It’s a good working relationship.

Some months ago I mentioned that my SEO strategy had moved to a content focussed approach. I also stated that Ultimate Demon still played an important part, though now it was one of a number of tools I used to help cut down the “busy work”. I was flattered when they asked me to expand on this. So I sent the first email below  (another quick note, images have been added that were not in the original several spelling and layout issues corrected).

My Open Letter To Ultimate Demon Developers

Hi all,

A content solution is 50% just marketing repositioning – and 50% new features or changes to existing features. So rather than focus on link building the terms used should be about “Content management” and “Profile building”.

Creating profiles on high PR sites, being able to make complete use of certain site features – set up to most often to the same profile. Which, of course, it does now – but this still seems to confuse people and is probably the question I’m asked the most “can I make more than one post”.. I always say yes, but this “profile management” might benefit from being a higher priority in your marketing strategy.

Content tools? Finding citation partners both big and small (From CNN and BBC, WIKI whatever, down to small but well made blogs in a similar niche) Scouring news sources for curation. Having UD set up to allow simple news syndication. Making it clear that this is one of a number of strategies and shouldn’t be the entire content of the site. It seems that Panda 4 disliked sites that overused curation, but it is still a valuable tool if used in moderation.

Posting notice of new posts and content to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. I don’t mean tools to create accounts or spam social networks, just the ability to promote fresh content to them. Helps with getting unique content indexed quickly. Another benefit of doing this is to prevent getting a plagiarism slap. Even if someone later scrapes it, you already have it pre-indexed. A quick way to get some initial hi authority link power.

Generally setting up the user interface in UD to make it clear that it is now primarily a content control solution – not a link creation/spamming tool.Yes – a lot of the distinction is in the users mind, and how they choose to use the tool. But it’s a win for everyone if that’s the way it is marketed.

Some responsibility for how a productivity tool is used must be down to the user themselves. Sure you can just “spam” but why would you when there are much better options available?

A tag line might be:

“Control Your Content Marketing Campaigns From One Simple Yet Powerful Interface” Or

“Still Only Sending Your Content To One Audience? Ultimate Demon Allows You To Service Everyone Who Would Benefit From Your Well Written Content – With You Retaining Complete Control”

That sort of thing.

Not so much about scraping tons of stuff and spinning it. But allowing people to curate, syndicate and manage profiles simply with the current UI tweaked to make doing this even easier. Just my thoughts.

So there you have it. I don’t go into much detail to be sure. It’s a framework or an idea and is all about repositioning an SEO tool as a content management tool.

To be clear, Ultimate Demon as a content management tool  can do 75% of the content functions now, and with the help of other applications it can be a superbly powerful tool for and effective none-spam SEO strategy. Most other tools on the market are not capable of doing this, not least because they do not give the user the precise control profile by profile of every aspect of content, link, image, video placement. Nuke and to a lesser extent Magic Submitter are the only other two I can think of that could possibly go down this road. I’ve tried every tool I know of, dozens, and the AAA list is really just Demon and Nuke. But I would prefer an all in one content application.

Let’s see what transpires.

Smile Scritty

June 2014 Ultimate Demon Members Update

First of all, sorry for the delay. There was no update in May, things got a little on top of me and I was unable to process the sites.

Natural Powerful Links

Rest assured that my servers are going at full tilt scraping tens of thousands of sites every day and June will have a second update with every. new site, and all the ones in the existing lists, retested.

Ultimate Demon Update Inbound!

Also some great news has come to me via the developers Edwinsoft.

They have told me that a major update is due this month that will add some much asked for features to the link building application. Not just new platforms, but extra functionality that will make the best value content syndication and link building tool in SEO even better.

Remember – Profile Creation Beats Link Building

One thing that AAA link building tools such as this have over some of the cheaper competitors is the ability to build powerful profiles that promote user engagement and click-through.

Let’s forget the impact on search engines for a minute (just a minute, we’ll get back to them later) and concentrate on the user experience for a moment.

Creating random spam links on untargeted sites is having less and less traction. We all know that. It’s not  a surprise, it’s the way all search engines have been pushing for years now. I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know.

Sure, in some weak niches spam links might win battles, but if you are looking for long term success in an overtly commercial niche with strong competition., then you are going to need to engage properly with your visitors, and that includes getting them hooked by having powerful, regularly updated (or at least well populated sites)

Spam creation tools either fail to provide this, or make it such a cumbersome process that you might as well do it by hand.

Where SeNuke and Ultimate Demon (the 2 standout AAA SEO tools on the market) win is in their ability to allow their users precise control of content.

Post regularly to the same profiles, control the EXACT placement of links. Set up natural posting rhythms to blog. In other words they can be used as content management tools just as well as “link spam” tools.

Getting a first tier that itself ranks, that can generate real traffic click through to your site, is respected by the search engines for adding content value and, in some cases, can become a powerhouse itself, that you retain full SEO control over in terms of on-going link building, content adding.. That’s where the future of offsite SEO is. TO deny that is to fight against the tide.

You Said You’d Get Back To The Link Building

Sorry, yes. While the latest Panda 4.0 update hit sites that over use syndication very hard (have a look at this post to see just what site types were hit hardest and why), it’s true to say that May 2014 saw an increase in the importance of good inbound links to effective ranking.

The trigger word here is “good”. Which means mostly in context, largely built on high quality sites or good profiles.

Free Download Effective SEO For 2014.

To see what works best I updated Blue Hat Demon recently, and, if you really want the down and dirty on just what to create, when and how – that’s where my own method is spelled out line by line. It’s not an abstraction of what I do. it is EXACTLY what I do for myself and my clients right down to the exact numbers and types of links you need to make (based on a formula that takes many site and competition factors into account).

So, if you have Ultimate Demon – read up and start promoting your site with powerful long lasting link profiles that promote user engagement and click-through.

If you don’t have it – with the major update inbound, there has never been a better time to invest in this high quality content and SEO management application