Controlling Anchor Text Density Within Ultimate Demon

Yesterday I published an article looking at the way in which you can safely establish keyword relevancy on a particular URL without invoking any penalties.

Of the many things to change over the past two years, this is one of the most profound and probably one of the most under discussed topics.

Controlling anchor text in Ultimate Demon

As this site is dedicated to Ultimate Demon, I’ve decided to look now at how you can control keyword density within your anchor text specifically within Ultimate Demon.

Generic Anchor TextUnfortunately, there is no user control method added to the application, but it’s pretty easy to get round if you have a list of generic click phrases and spend two or three minutes upfront setting up your task.

The video above shows how it’s done, and I’ve included a zip file which has around 500 stock phrases which you can add into your campaigns. There are enough there for you to be able to just pick however many you need. Selecting a random 30 or 40 from within this 500 should be enough to provide a unique subset as well as giving you the variation you need.

A final quick note, April’s link packet update may be a few days early in late March, and annexed a bonus for members is being negotiated for release in April.


Click the image above to download the generic anchor text list.