February 2014 Ultimate Demon Bonus Refresh

Today marks the 20th consecutive monthly bonus refresh for members who buy Ultimate Demon (or other selected SEO tools) through one of my sites.

February 2014 Link List Updates

The video below shows the update.

Apologies for it being a little late, it was due out almost 2 weeks ago, but events caught up with me a little. A change in servers eat up almost 10 days of my time – the second complete change of server in the past 4 months. Hopefully it’s all sorted out now.

A quick look at the February 2014 update

The next update is due out in less than 2 weeks (early March) and will be an incremental update with more Document Sharing and Video sites being the main focus. Of course if the opportunity arises to add more of any other site type – I’ll jump on it. Remember to join up at www.scritty.org once you have made your purchase and apply for “Gold Membership” to get your hands on the regularly updated bonus. I’ll also answer most queries though my contact email address which you can find on the “Contact” page on any of my sites.

Proof Of Testing Included

As usual, when doing a full refresh, I include proof that not only are the lists accepted by the link tool, but also that accounts can be created and links submitted using these lists.

There is a .CSV files (comma separated value files) included for WIKI, WEB2.0, Article and Bookmark sites which show the actual accounts created, user names, passwords and even the e-mail address used when testing these lists.

You could actually go and use these accounts yourself if you wanted.

I can’t think of a better way of showing how fresh and recently tested and 100% working these lists are than actually providing the accounts I created during testing.

All tests were carried out in the last 12 days, many as recently as 48 hours before publishing these lists.

As my members will tell you, these full refreshes are something I do very often to make sure that my sites retain their value over time. Along with other bonus items and the maximum allowable discount, I believe I offer the very best deal for tools like Ultimate Demon and Kontent Machine on the internet.

Long lasting support, advice coupled with the maximum discount and regular updates.

Take care.