Ultimate Demon Advanced User Guide

The Best Content Management And Link Building Tool For 2016

Very few SEO tools today allow professional users to adopt a safe, flexible, effective and cost efficient content approach to SEO with great automation to reduce the “busy work” of day to day internet marketing.

Powerful, controllable and affordable. The original video from demondemon.com

Ultimate Demon is a tool that does all this, and more.

It’s 2016, so it time to get rid of poor SEO practice. Out with “blast linking”, poor content, one press solutions that don’t work and links that fade and fail over time. It’s time for a change. It’s time to add value to the internet and create your own powerful content empire based on sustainable profiles all handled by the one application that offers you complete control.

  • In with the ability to create powerful multi URL profiles that have the ability to rank for themselves.
  • In with the ability to use great content and encourage click-through from your first tier structures. No need to spam, no need for “junk” sites.
  • In with the control serious internet marketers require to place links exactly where and when you want them on profiles that get STRONGER over time the more you add to them
  • In with full, engaging user profiles. Bio’s that contain images, profiles that have embedded images and videos. Exactly like hand made profiles should be.

All of this power and control that would take a manual SEO expert days, can be reduced to just a few hours with the EXACT same results. Just without the painful slow “busy work” that content management demands in 2014.

Ultimate Demon Does The Heavy Lifting For You, Leaving You More Time To Do What You Do Best.

Ultimate Demon allows the user precise control of their content, the placement and type of links, control of anchor text – indeed the ability to create large powerful profiles on high authority high trust sites that provide value both in terms of SEO benefits and from click-through.

Introducing Ultimate Demon

Do We Offer A Bonus And Discount

Of course. The maximum discount allowed by the developer (Edwinsoft) for both lifetime license and monthly subscription is available via the links below or at the top right of every page of this site Use the discount codes provided Smile

The Bonus.

We are the ONLY site for ANY LINK product that offers regularly updated FULLY TESTED link lists. May 2014 will mark the 29th consecutive month for updates.

What do you mean “Fully Tested”?

Every site scraped is tested twice. First that it accepted into Ultimate Demon’s database, and secondly that5 you are actually able to create accounts and submit links.

In fact we provide a spread-sheet every third month with the actual accounts we created when testing. Emails, user names, passwords – the lot. YOu can see the accounts we created during testing for yourself. There is no better proof possible than that!

Free Membership To Authority SEO Forum.

Here’s a quick run down of the guide. Download it below!

Although anyone can join demonseo.proboards.com (scritty.org), only Gold members can access the links area. I visit the forum regularly and am also available to answer questions on SEO most of the time.

Advanced And Updated Tutorials.

As part of a complete overhaul we present the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide.

The idea behind this set of tutorials is not to overlap with Edwinsoft’s  excellent beginners and starters guides. I include links to the official videos within the download, but the real point here is to progress further and provide users with the means to get the best from this SEO and link building tool.


Ecover Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide Ultimate Demon

Download the Advanced Users Guide


Or lick below for:


  • Setting up your PC to run the software.
  • Configuring a server or VPS (optional).
  • Creating a campaign that will work.
  • How to create powerful multi page profiles that will last.
  • Examples of the most effective settings.
  • Making sure your online optimization works alongside your link building.
  • Co-Citation and Syndication Rules.
  • Making the most of your content.
  • Getting free content from online sources.
  • Recovering from a Google ban.
  • Negative SEO. What it is, how to avoid it.

Time Saving Tools For Digital Marketers

To compete with SEO giants in the industry, it’s imperative to have the best and most effective time saving SEO tools at your fingertips. These tools enable you to save time, find new opportunities and keep track on the performance of your SEO as well as how it can be boosted. By finding such tools you’ll have made a step ahead of your competitors, something that gives you an edge when it comes to hitting the bigger jackpot. That said, we have identified three brand new time saving SEO tools that will not only make your clients happy, but also save you a significant amount of time and energy.

Saving Time With Digital Marketing

AccuRanker’s Google GrumpGoogle

Grump index monitors changes in rankings, allowing you to make precise predictions about impending updates to Google’s algorithm. Their system is developed to monitor anomalies in ranking fluctuations, which are translated into different moods by a tiger mascot. This enables you to determine how quickly an impending update will be.
The moods are:

Chilled: It mean nothing unusual is happening).

Caution: Although there’s nothing serious to worry about, a continuous upward trend could imply a mood swing). Grumpy: Ranking fluctuations are happening in an unusual way. This means an update could be coming soon).

Furious: It means the rankings are very high and the likelihood of an update happening is also high

Grump has the ability to filter by device and country, a feature that makes it better than other algorithm indexes. This is increasingly becoming an important element due to the growing importance of mobile devices. Users can also sign up for notifications on mood alterations, which makes it possible for them to get immediate updates.

URL Profiler

One amazing thing with URL profiler is that you can mass-check tens and even hundreds of URLs at a go. This saves time because checking URLs one at a time normally take hours. With this tool, you can connect to Google Search Console and pull back all the URL data you need, including top ten referring keywords, impressions, average position, clicks as well as click-through-rate. Instead of checking one page at a time in the Search Console, URL profiler gives you all the data you need within minutes. You will also be able to identify the best and worst performing pages.
Another important feature with URL Profiler’s Google Indexation Checker is that it loads your sitemap in order to identify which pages are indexed and which ones aren’t. Mobile Friendliness Checker is another important feature. Google have been rewarding pages that offer commendable mobile experience, something that has compelled more website owners to switch to mobile friendly websites.

It is worth noting that Google determines ‘friendliness’ based on pages rather than an optimized theme. This means the theme might be optimized but some of the pages aren’t mobile friendly. Therefore, you can use URL profiler to check each page against Google’s mobile-friendly API. Lastly, their Mobile & Desktop Speed Performance Checker enables you to check load speeds on both mobile devices and desktop. This gives you a rounded perspective on your site’s overall performance.


LinkResearch Tool’s Impactana

Agencies often find it hard creating content spanning multiple and even diverse industries. Additionally, we can’t deny the fact that some niches are easier to brainstorm than others. Luckily, Impactana can help you find resourceful content ideas easily. This tool allows you to identify the web’s winning pieces of content, which can inspire the ideas of your clients. While Impactana searches the entire content to ensure all important and relevant results are highlighted, other similar tools rely on your chosen keyword that appear in the title of your content. It has filtering options that allow you to drill down by content type (e.g. blog posts, eBooks, infographics, etc) and also engagement figures.

To help you choose the best pieces of content, this tool combines two features: a). Buzz: It analyses social metrics, including comments, shares, and tweets in order to identify how widely shared the content is. b). Impact: It measures real user engagement, with metrics such as clicks, views, comments, downloads and links.
It is worth noting that Impactana supports a total of 27 languages. Therefore, working with international clients will be a huge bonus. It also allows you to set up alerts based on topic mentions or brand, which happens to be the perfect way of remaining on top of relevant content appearing to your clients.


Search Engine Optimization might be tricky if you’re not conversant with it. However, spending quality time to understand how these three SEO tools function will save you unnecessary disappointments, instead pushing you up the Google ladder within the shortest time possible and will less effort. It saves you both time and energy.

Natural Links From Authority Sites In 2016

One of the major components of an effective website marketing strategy is link building. To successfully grow a website, the author must invest in getting links from authority sites. An authority site is a really high quality website that has earned the trust and respect of its audience. Whatever linking method you use, be it Buzzbundle, Ultimate Demon, Moz methods of homeopathic SEO (so watered down they often don’t actually work)

Nice links created in various ways for SEO purposes

It is also trusted by the experts in the industry it relates to, search engines and other websites. A common misconception is that authority sites are those that top search engine rankings. They do not necessarily rank highly in search engine result pages but they are trusted to always give readers what they are looking for. Below are several tactics you can use to get back links from such sites.


This is one of the most basic tactics of getting authority site back links. The content in your site should be able to provide detailed, factual and useful information on subjects at hand. It must be highly interesting and engaging. It should ideally keep your readers constantly talking. 

Additionally, the content in your site must define what it is all about to be worth a link from authority sites. A good practice is including personal descriptions of yourself as an author so that the authority sites have a better picture of who they are networking with. Building relevant content will take time but it will be a worthy investment in the long term.

You can opt to write about the author or publisher of a site you are targeting. The write up can be either complementary or even a professional criticism. The main point here is to get the authors attention thus putting you in a good position to ask for a link due to familiarity. They may even be looking to mount a response to your content. 

A solid foundation of relevant information will increase your chances of getting links from authority sites. Remember to prod on topics nobody else is talking about, such sites will link to other sites that offer unique content as they are already used to commonplace articles.


Everyone has had inconvenient experiences with broken links. Many authority sites will have large networking communities and numerous back links to other sites. As such, publishers cannot always keep track of all of them.

Actively searching for links pointing to non-existent or sites that are no longer operational is a great tactic to get links from authority sites. With this list you can approach the authors of the websites with a solution to replace the dead links. Your site can then be a good candidate providing content related to the links. Authority site publishers are sure to be appreciative of your initiative and you stand better chances of getting a link back to your site.


One way of getting links from such types of authority sites is by having active accounts and networking with them. This puts you in a good position to add links to informative posts in your website. Well researched content on subjects that may affect such institutions is a great way of attracting back links. 

The advantage of such institutions is that they may offer platforms for persons of interest to promote their content. You can be a person of interest in a number of ways including sponsoring events, offering case studies or even supporting a charity event sponsored by the institutions. This will make it easier for you to approach them for links back to your site as they will feel you are part of them.


Offering to write solution oriented and engaging guest posts is an effective way to get links from authority sites. This technique should keep in the mind their blogging policies. If you develop a portfolio of regularly published guest posts, you can use it to market your site. More on guest posts.

This strategy shows that as an author you are a trusted and recommended source of information about current issues. This will make you more likely to get authority site back links.

Contrary to popular belief guest posts are, and always have been fine. However guest post “networks” and guest post “systems”. Sites set up purely to supply link juice via that medium, companies set up to sell spots on 3rd party sites. Those deals are now a little more dangerous as Google believes them to be contrary to their anti-spam . Though that only applies if you care one tiny jot what Google think – and really, with traffic from so many sources available on the internet, why should you?


This tactic involves simply emailing publishers and asking for a link to your site. Simple as it sounds it can surprisingly work wonders. 

Although some authors may ignore such types of emails, there is a good chance that the few successful ones may be end up being great links. Moreover, it works well if combined with all the other methods.

For the authors out there looking to build powerful links, it is important to avoid linking to sites that imitate authority sites. Avoid sites with excessive Ads, a high link to content ratio and high search engine ratings due to clever keyword stuffing.

Best 3 Tools For Checking Your Keyword Ranking

2015 was a tremendous year for search engine optimization (SEO). Google changed its algorithms – once again! – and those brands that quickly adapted their pages for the search engine results page (SERP) saw a huge boost in leads, traffic, and sales. Despite the changes, keyword ranking continued to be a cornerstone of SEO. This year will be the same. In 2016, you’ll need to ensure your keywords and phrases are on-point and relevant to your niche if you stand any chance of ranking highly on the SERP. Luckily, various keyword checker tools can help you out. They’re easy to use: Just type in a keyword and discover how well it’s performing online. Here are some of the best ones that you need to know about.

Best Keyword Ranking Tools
Before we reveal the best keyword ranking tool for 2016, let’s check out a couple of worth runners-up.

SEO Centro Rank Checker

One of the most popular keyword checking tools online, Rank Checker – brought to you by SEO Centro – lets you monitor and track your marketing campaigns by entering specific keywords and monitoring their performance. Unlike some keyword tools, Rank Checker covers Yahoo, as well as Google, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your current campaigns from different sources. Find out where your keywords are ranking right now and how they’ve performed in the past. You’ll find Rank Checker an excellent resource if you want to improve your SEO and become an authority figure or go-to thought leader in your niche.

iWebTool Position Checker

Want to see how well your keywords are performing? With iWebTool Position Checker, now you can. This tool lets you monitor the positions of the keywords and phrases you use in meta-descriptions, on-page SEO, and your blog posts. You start by typing your domain and your keyword before being presented with a list of valuable data based on your query. iWebTool can be a fantastic way to want to find out which keywords are the most popular if you are planning a new marketing campaign. You can even search keywords over various search engines – not just Google! – so you can see how well words and phrases perform across-the-board. You can also limit your search to the first 100 results on Google for more accurate marketing insights.
iWebTool and Rank Checker are excellent resources, but there’s one keyword ranking checker that’s perfect for 2016…

Google Rank Checker (Search Engine Genie)

71 percent of marketers use broad keywords to attract leads at the top of the purchase funnel, according to research from Regalix. If you want to do the same, finding the right keywords can be tricky. Google Rank Checker from Search Engine Genie can make the process a lot less complicated. Best of all, the service is completely free to use, and you don’t need to download any software. Google Rank Checker works like this: You check the position of the keywords you use on Google to find out which phrases are performing well and which ones leave a lot to be desired. The perfect tool for fine-tuning your marketing campaigns, Google Rank Checker is easy-to-use, even if your knowledge of SEO is pretty limited.

Building Trust And Authority In 2016

Over the past couple of years, Google has released multiple updates to its search algorithm. While they always insist that it is for the better, everyone who knows how search engine optimization works would rate Google’s search system inconsistent at best. One of the most important changes that the last update brought was Google trust. Today, every search engine marketer knows that the trust factor and site authority play a very important role in elevating the ranking of a website. But what really are trust and authority when it comes to SEO?

SEO and website authority

Creating links in Ultimate Demon or other link building tools is all well and good, we are aware now that links are still well over 50% of the battle in commercial niches (and why would you want to be trying to make money in anything but a commercial niche?)

Let’s approach this question with an example. Should search for the term “make money online” on Google, most of the top 10 ranked sites you will see on the search results do not link directly to a website’s homepage. Most of the results are educational articles and news posts that Google has identified as the most trusted to provide valuable information a user may be interested in. Most of these sites are also renowned platforms that could pass as “authoritative” based on their dominance on the internet and quality of content.

What Influences a Website’s Trust Factor?

According to Google, a website’s trust rating is influenced by a combination of many factors. The more trustworthy a website is, the more likely its articles will rank higher on specific Google searches. Factors such as low quality content and harmful redirects are examples of things that hurt a website’s trustworthiness. 

Some on-page factors that heavily influence a website’s trust factor in 2016 are:

· The length of each article on a website: Generally, websites that have long informative articles with unique content that is regularly updated are considered more trustworthy compared to sites with short articles that are almost never updated or are copied from elsewhere.

· Privacy Policy, Disclosure, and Terms: While these items do not directly affect the ranking of a website, they are very important to search engines. Google considers websites with Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions and Disclosures as legitimate, hence more trustworthy.

· External links to trusted sources: Search Engine crawlers index websites by following links. Websites that link to trusted websites are more likely to get higher trust ratings themselves. This is why it is important to get backlinks from legitimate trusted sites such as Wikipedia.

· Who-is info: If you did not know, a website’s domain who-is registration information today play a role in determining which sites are legitimate and which ones look fishy. To increase a page’s trust score, the who-is information should be the same as that on the ‘contact us’ page.

· On-site video content: The more informative videos on a webpage, the higher the chances of the site being ranked higher by search engines. Embedding highly rated and mostly viewed YouTube videos on a page is the easiest way to attract traffic and keep them on the page longer.

Factors influencing a Website’s Off-Page Trust Rating

A web page’s off-page trust can be improved in one way—quality links. Getting trusted and highly rated websites to link to your page is the best way to build a trustworthy image. Unfortunately, achieving this fete is not easy. The most popular way, however, is to create quality content such as guest posts and have them published in trusted blogs and content sharing websites. Note that in 2016, spamming low quality links is no longer an effective way to get to the first page of Google SERP-in fact, such a technique can get your website penalized.

Other off-page factors that have a significant influence on a page’s trustworthiness are social media activities including votes, shares, likes, and links and the average time that visitors spend on the page. Initially, Google only considered the quantity of traffic flowing onto a page; today they consider how long a visitor stays on the page. Finally, to increase your page’s trust rating, ensure that the website has a short load time.

Where Does a Authoritativeness Come in?

So citation through link building is a very important part of building authority. That your inbound links are from sites that have this trust is important, especially for direct links.

Ultimate Demon can create these links for you, but like any tool, it is down to how you use it

An authoritative website is widely recognized in its niche. It is not clear how search engines determine how authoritative a website is but there are several ‘authority signals’ that include the website’s traffic, the number and quality of ‘neighbourhood’ links, social references from valued accounts, and engagement metrics. Negative reviews and sentiments regarding a website of course hurt its credibility.

There’s no doubt that search engines, in particular Google, assess a website’s authority rating and uses it to determine where to place it in SERPs. To understand how this affects the rating of your page, you just need to go through the list of questions Google want Search Engine Optimizers to ask themselves while building high-quality websites that would be immune to the injurious ‘Panda’ updates. In the questions, the words TRUST, AUTHORITY, and EXPERTISE are frequently mentioned.

Create Ultimate Demon Links For None Google Traffic

There is a trap we all fall into. Creating links just for Google. In fact the whole idea of links being just for search engines is not particularly healthy. Links can drive traffic from all search engines, drive social traffic and with the right content can get your potential visitor to your site from just about anywhere on the internet, and could do this whether search engines existed or not.

So what are these other traffic sources and how could Ultimate Demon by Edwinsoft help you to get on top of them?

Diversify Your Traffic Sources

Google has become the easiest and most convenient way for many to become popular online. With ranking algorithms that are easy to tweak and a high volume of users, Google is basically god for thousands of websites. This means that when there is an update to the algorithm or you make a fatal error in your long-tail phrases that get you flagged, you can lose thousands of hits while you struggle vainly to return to the first page of results. This process is exhausting and sometimes impossible depending on how big your business is or how large your content and backlink budget is.
This is why you should not put all of your eggs in one basket. There are other strategies that will bring you traffic, although they are not always a natural source of traffic. Take the time to plan for other traffic streams so that you do not have to rely on one specific source for popularity. Here are three good traffic sources other than Google that you can easily incorporate into your marketing campaign today.

Social Media Platforms

It is easy to use social media to double your traffic if you use it strategically to ensure that you are getting consistent traffic from targeted demographics. It comes down to simple tricks such as content resharing, visual aids, and being socially active.
Not only do you want to share interesting content from experts in your niche, you want to share the content from your website to increase the amount of people clicking through to read more. While you want to offer ways to visit your website, you also want to ensure that you are not spamming your audience and losing subscribers. Develop a social media schedule for sharing your content and ensure that there are enough visual aids throughout your content to break up the monotony.
You must also make sure that you are staying active on these platforms instead of only marketing your business. While the right audience will enjoy your content, they did not subscribe to follow you only because you are offering them products. They want to know what your thoughts and opinions are on different subjects within your niche and you should do your best to provide information. Respond to messages and comments as soon as you can, and participate in discussions on other pages or online forums in your field. This will increase interest while solidifying your brand within the niche.

Email Marketing

Many marketers will tell you that the money is in your email list. This is one hundred percent true and it was one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site if you are devoted to the process. You can collect a wonderful list from your social media platforms in the form of sweepstakes, contests, or surveys. This will allow you to collect information from your users that will help you to craft the perfect message to increase your traffic.
However, just like your social media content you need to make sure that your readers do not feel overly inundated with your messages. Choose a schedule that is compatible with your social media postings so that you are not sending out information blasts on the same day of the week. Choose a pattern to reach out to your subscribers, from once a week to once a month and provide them with high-quality content.
Your schedule will not only make it easier for you to track upcoming deadlines, it will also create a sense of expectation among your readers. They will become used to your newsletters, which will make any extra emails throughout the months more important for their lack of schedule. Make sure that you only send emails out of rotation for important sales or time sensitive information.

Paid Advertisements

If you have the budget to pay for paid advertising online, I suggest that you go for it. This is a surefire way to take your marketing strategy to the next level to increase your visibility. There are multiple platforms to advertise on, from social media websites to blogs and listicles. Where you choose to advertise depends on what sort of demographic your brand speaks to and how you want to frame yourself within that demographic.
There are many other ways to drive traffic to your website, but the real message here is that you do not have to only rely on Google for a boost in your customer flow. While it is one of the most mentioned and popular options, the market is wide and diverse and holds many solutions for marketing. Creating a successful marketing campagin to increase traffic requires strategy, innovation, and focus, not Google.

Display Planner Or Keyword Planner

Ultimate Demon, like most SEO tools, works best when the user has a good understanding of keywords.

In other words;

  • What are you trying to rank for?
  • What is the competition for the keyword or phrase?
  • Which sites are you competing against?
  • How can you find a list of contextual associated keywords?

Putting this information into an SEO keyword tool like Ultimate Demon to create your links is a cornerstone of success.

Google display planner and keyword planner compared

Of the free tools available, Google keyword tool in its various incarnations has proved the most popular, but recently it has been joined by another application from Google – The Display Planner.

So what are the differences and what benefit can an SEO link builder using a tool like Ultimate Demon gain from using this latest analysis option?

Google’s display and Keyword planners are some of the most innovative and helpful SEO features the technology giant offers users. Although their end purpose is virtually the same, they have major differences that are important to note in order to get the best out of them.

Google Display Planner

The display planner is an adword tool which helps to provide ideas to the user on how to plan a display campaign and profile that one can either add to their account or download. It generates helpful ideas on how one can target the display network. These ideas are based on the interests of customers and the nature of one’s landing page. Some of the possible ideas Google display planner can help generate include ideas on videos, mobile apps and app categories, topics and such interests as in market segments and affinities. It can also generate suggestions specific to various demographic groups.

Every idea that Google display planner generates comes with cost estimates and the historical cost. These estimates are an indication of how what one would spend if they chose any particular display campaign. The costs do not necessarily indicate the performance. They only help the user plan their display campaign within their budget.

The plans generated by are also very easy to share seeing as they can be easily downloaded. It is therefore easy to share the plan with clients. The Google display tool also offers users the choice between whether to their target is direct response for the customers or a longer term approach of building a brand image.

So we can see that by using this free application, one has the chance to go overly specific by using ad filters and targeting options like ad scheduling, which filters the ideas by time and date. Campaign exclusions can help filter unwanted or unnecessary targeting like certain keywords and placements. One can also filter their ideas by format or size.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is another relatively new online marketing tool. Evolved from the old keyword tool, the keyword planner is more restricted and specific. The new keyword tool only gives data for keywords that are exact match. The keyword is compatible for all devices by default, and this removes the need for having to match by device. However, due to this, the numbers will generally be higher because of the device combinations. The keyword planner also offers new column names. Some of the old columns have been combined, and new ones have been added.

The implication for marketers is huge. For instance, Google now expects everyone to identify themselves and the searches they conduct. It is much harder for one to search for data without disclosing their identity. Google analytics is increasingly showing the not provided message, and this makes it difficult for marketers to access relevant data.

Unlike the Google display tool. Google keywords can be used to upload one’s own keywords for performance data. Users might also like the fact that one can see different ad groups and different but related items. In the conception stage, this can be a useful spark for ideas for one to pursue different types of keywords. 

It is not an unstructured tool; it is streamlined into the ad creation process to help the online advertiser. It is relatively easier to use than Google display, and can be used by everyone, from the experienced online marketer to the seasoned pro. 

Keyword planner provides the following benefits. 

• It can be used to research keywords: in situations where one needs help finding keywords they can add to an ad campaign, either a new or existing campaign. One can search for keyword and ad groups based on parameters relevant to their campaign.

• It is also useful when searching for historical data on keyword relevance and traffic forecasts. One can, for both new and existing campaign, get ideas on how any keyword or group of keywords might perform for a given bid or budget. This is unlike Google display that does not indicate performance but shows the cost. Google keywords gather data from historical forecasts to help the user make a decision on the most appropriate bids and budgets.

These two tools have important similarities and differences, but offer the user a wide range of options to develop their profile and campaign.

3 Ways To Encourage Webmasters To Link To Your Blog

OK, you are likely here because Ultimate Demon is your method of choice for attracting links. That goes without saying. However, it’s always good to mix things up, especially as far as getting links from other platform types.

As comprehensive as Edwinsoft’s tool is at creating links, it does have a finite number of platforms to choose from, and wide though that is, it’s always good to have some other options.

How to encourage webmasters to give you links naturally

To my mind the best option would be to attract a few links naturally from areas of the internet where automated link placement is just not normally possible. To delve into the places where Ultimate Demon and other tools cannot go.

I’ve asked my long term buddy Alain Perdot to write a few ideas down for me (because I’m mega busy this month) and he’s very kindly come up with three excellent ideas for attracting webmasters to your site and encouraging them to create “natural” links.

Alain Perdot’s Guide To Natural Link Building

A website may be professionally designed with its portfolio full of interesting work, hence no problem with it at all. However, it is just idle online and being ignored by many internet users. Increasing the number of website visitors from zero to over one thousand within a month is a daunting task, but it can be done once you recognize the harsh reality concerning the internet. It is worth noting that attention is the basic of online world. Attention is scarce due to the fact that it is finite. Therefore, you must earn it in case you want many people to give you their attention. In most cases, your work may fail to speak for itself, thus you must always consider marketing. Your marketing must have creativity to become more effective and fun. There are three simple ways which can be used to attract more links to your site freely.

First of all, you should consider doing better on your blog and site. Giving users what they require, query’s best results has always been the priority for Google. This search engine does not like showing people pages of poor quality. It is very crucial to ensure that your site has plenty of quality blog posts and pages. Always keep in mind that Google gives warning against pages or thin content which tries to game the search outcome. Put more concentration on ensuring the production of copy that will be enjoyed by people informs and educates, most important is unreservedly useful. Quality content will bring back readers who in most case may want to have it shared with their associates and friends. More links will be earned and people pleased. They may end up downloading your offers and get signed up to your daily, weekly, monthly or annual newsletters. In case you produce a copy uninspiring, dull or mainly written for the search engines with stuffed keywords, the people who buy your services or product will not be please with your site.

Secondly, it is important that you ensure optimization of your social media profiles. Usually, most businesses are not mindful, neither do they plan when creating their social media profiles, hence a big mistake. Social media profiles can send traffic to your site in two ways. First and foremost, through the content that you post to all your social media account, and lastly, via the links to your website in the profiles themselves. enabling this website traffic requires that you consider optimizing for Google, which will show your profiles in all search outcome in case the copy is an excellent match for the query being searched. Therefore, it will be necessary that you consider including keywords in your title and description on social medial platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Always recall that relevancy and quality are Google’s major likes. For that reason, Google will ignore a profile that is not relevant to the query being searched. 

Lastly, you should consider developing partnership. For instance, in case you are a graphic designer specialized in creating website, it will be an excellent idea if you consider partnering with other professionals in the field of graphic design, such as CMS experts or writers so as to finish some special tasks, and also use the alliance as your tool of marketing. With built partnership, you can have a page created on your own website for team promotion. Your partners may also create pages of same nature on their site and each partner link to the website of the other members of the team. With partnership, you will increase traffic to your website without spending any money.

There is none of the above mentioned three methods that can be fixed quickly. They all need effort, persistence and time. However, it is fortunate that the benefits associated with them are cumulative, considering the fact that, as more subscribers and links are attracted to your blog, more of your free content get circulated and become known as a rising star in your field, you will keep on attracting many more new visitors to your site for each and every hour you spend on marketing. But remember that it does not necessarily mean that every visitor to your site is a client, if that was the case, then there would be a lot more online millionaires.

So there we have it. While Ultimate Demon might be your go to tool 75% of the time, the value of these other links created manually or by other webmasters cannot be underestimated. It’s a lazy SEO who relies completely on automation.

Tools That Take You Beyond Link Building

Let’s assume you are creating links with Ultimate Demon or similar. All is going well. Your website is ranking, or at least making progress. But what metrics are underlying this that might affect your on-going search for the very best position in the search engines and how can you get a handle on these important KPI’s without spending a single cent yourself?

SEO Tools That Analyse Your Site And Its Links

Why should regular analysis of your website’s SEO take centre stage?

Well, for starters, various issues affect the behaviour of people surfing the web. These issues include updates to search engine algorithms that alter the assessment of a web page for relevance and changes in economic status, which impact buying patterns. The growth of a brand may also herald changes in the product mix, which may require adopting a new focus that matches a new product line. What is the implication of these and a myriad of other issues on SEO? 

As well as link building using tools like Ultimate Demon, you need to keep an eye on your website to ensure the quality of your landing pages does not deteriorate and your brand remains visible – in case you are an online retailer or marketer. Similarly, SEO optimization lets you monitor and take advantage of popular key phrase opportunities and changing search patterns for enhanced visibility and in turn, traffic. Admittedly, the essence of optimizing your website cannot be understated: it’s the firm’s lifeblood and affects competitiveness. 

Remove the guesswork from SEO analysis by adopting appropriate tools. Here’s a look at three tools that ensure clarity and will get your website on track:

1. Website Grader

This free tool from Hubspot could help you unearth your website’s untapped potential. It works by generating reports that grade your site based on certain criteria namely:

· Performance: It assesses a website for aspects such as page loading speed and size, which impacts lead generation. By gauging performance, you can adopt the personalized report and evaluate ways to enhance your site’s conversion rate.

· SEO: Can users find your site easily? The tool grades your website based on the ease with which users and search bots can find your site. Ultimately, the easier it is for a site to be found, the greater the potential for generating new leads. 

· Security: Cyber security is of great relevance to people browsing your website. Authentic sites engender customer confidence and safety, which increase customer interactions with your site. Sites that allow secure connections are highly graded by this tool.

· Mobile readiness: The tool assesses the responsiveness of your website to mobile devices. Considering the high rate of mobile use across the world, your site needs to the mobile friendly to cater for your target market. 

Your site’s score on Website Grader highlights the trouble spots that you should address to enhance its performance. 

2. Check My Links

This nifty tool lets you check your outbound and inbound links to ensure they work. Most people who encounter broken links while browsing your site will find it annoying and could be tempted to click elsewhere. In fact, broken links undermine the value of your site and impact negatively on your lead generation efforts. The sooner you get your links in order, the easier it will be for people to find your site appealing and interactive. 

Check My links helps content generators fix pages before publishing them online. Assuming that your website contains several links, the tool highlights any existing but broken links quickly, which helps you eliminate inactive links and spruces up your copy. Doing so ensures your copy is in tiptop condition and free from troublesome links that could impede your SEO strategy. 

3. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

This treasure trove offers several SEO resources to get your site on track. It not only points out the traffic to your site, but also the plausible traffic potential in general. GWT provides reports based on the following metrics:

· Impressions: Do you need to know the number of people who can find or see your website based on their keyword search? GWT lets you know. This metric determines the value of keywords in a certain page, which helps you use targeted keywords. 

· Clicks: How many clicks is your site generating? This metric lets you know the number of people clicking a particular site on the results page. 

· Click-through rate (CTR): Are people clicking on your site? A low CTR implies you need to take remedial action to increase the relevance of your website or page to search queries. Such tweaks would optimize your site and increase your ranking on search results.

· Ranking: By determining where your site ranks based on a certain keyword, you can gauge your performance and evaluate ways to boost your traffic. 

Although there is a learning curve to using the tool, mastering its use will enhance your visibility online. However, its easy-to-use interface is ideal for novice users intent on learning the basics of SEO analysis. 

Evidently, today’s online challenges necessitate the use of savvy tools to remain competitive. In order to leverage your position and gain more ground, these tools should be part of your SEO analysis toolbox. While paid-for tools are available, the free apps discussed could help your generate more leads and increase your conversion rates. 

Why Content Is Vital For SEO

Link building is fine, but these days even links need to be surrounded by high quality content that ads context to the link itself. A lone link created by a tool like Ultimate Demon, sat on a blank page is worth very little.

Ultimate Demon needs feeding with high quality content

Surround that link with contextual content, and then add tiers of links that are also surrounded by unique (to search engines) SEO optimized in context content again using a tool like Ultimate Demon? Then you have a ranking power house.

So you understand where we are heading to, it’s imperative that you understand what a website is comprised of. In basic terms, a website encompasses three main components, which include content (writing), graphic/design and the URL/hosting. Of all the three components, most website owners often tend to pay much attention on the design aspect of their website forgetting the other two. Unknown to many, though I have to admit that it sounds like a cliché, “content is the king”. I cannot stress enough of how vital content is and the roles it plays in not only how it engages and informs your users but also in ranking of your website. As such, this article endeavours to answer this one question that nearly all website owners keep asking, “Why Content Is Vital For SEO”

What is Content Made of?

What really qualifies as content? Technically, content is anything that internet users are searching for. Content exists in many forms such as video, articles, and images, to mention but a few. For that reason, understanding your goal and the interests of your target audience is important when it comes to creating content.

So setting up your content inside your link building tool is absolutely vital. GSA Search Engine Ranker and Ultimate Demon work best when loaded up with a massive supply of unique content. Fail to do this and prepare to fail to gain much search engine ranking traction.

What’s the Relationship between Content and SEO?

It’s always important that you understand your eco-system. when it comes to cyberspace as an eco-system, the most important thing to master is that people are hungry for information and thus keeps searching for it online. Truth be told, majority of online users ‘Google’ for content. Google knows this and as an initiative to ensure that their users get the best that is available, they keep modifying their algorithms from time to time. Whenever someone conducts a search, the spiders crawls through millions of content, bringing back the ones it feels is of high quality and will be useful for the user. With quality content, you can guaranteed to at least be featured among the first results, meaning that your chances of getting more readers significantly increases.

What Google looks for when Ranking Content

Nothing much that you can’t achieve. Google mainly ranks content based on three particular aspects which entails:
1. Quality – Fortunately, when it comes to quality, we all understand what it means. In layman’s language, quality content is content that is not just good, but well written/produced, and exudes professionalism and more important, authority.
2. Relevance – Just like Quality, Relevance is also self explanatory. To elaborate further what relevance means, supposing someone was searching for yachts, if your site is all about cars, its definitely irrelevant, or as some would like to put it, ‘not relevant’.
3. Uniqueness – Uniqueness is rather esoteric. As such, it has most of the outlay associated with it. In a nutshell, uniqueness is what distinguishes you from the rest. To keep people coming back, you have to be different from others. People love diversity and being diversified guarantees you of loyalty.

Why Content Is Vital For SEO

Back to our topic statement, content is vital for SEO and this is mainly because these days search engines necessitate high quality, relevant and fresh content that is produced on regular basis. Therefore, to be relevant, you have to provide your audience with content that provide answers to their questions. So, stay relevant.

Checking Links Outside Ultimate Demon

Edwinsoft provide some excellent resources inside Ultimate Demon to check backlinks. But what if you want more depth or to double check that the links you are creating or the outbound links on your site really are good enough to rank you highly in the search engines?

Quality Checking!

Checking Links For Quality

Analyzing backlinks is an integral part of determining the success of your search engine optimization efforts. Such an analysis can enable you to review your seo performance, to benchmark your performance with your competitors and to also identify more sites that you can partner with to improve your backlink outreach. There are various resources that you can utilize in the analysis; some are free while others have to be paid for. 

Here are some free resources that you can utilize in analyzing your websites backlinks.

Google Webmaster Tool

This is probably one of the most utilized resources when it comes to the analysis of backlinks. Getting started with Google Webmaster Tool is quite easy as it only requires that you have a Google account. The main feature that makes it convenient is its dashboard which provides real time data about your websites backlinks. You also get to receive some tips on improving your backlink success through regular monitoring. 

Open Site Explorer

This tool rose to fame after the collapse of Yahoo Site Explorer. It is available on the www.opensiteexplorer.org website and is powered by SEOmoz. It is absolutely free to use although limited to 1000 links beyond which payment is required. When using it, you will find it quite easy and quick. You are able to make comparisons with other sites through the domain authority benchmark using scoring tools that make it easy to interpret. It has a built in Export to Excel functionality that you can use to gather data for analysis. You are also able to check your anchor text and determine their effectiveness. The disadvantage is that you are limited to only 1000 links as a free user. Although Moz can be a little prissy when it comes to advice, and the paid subscription is heavily over priced in comparison with other products, the free analysis tool is well worth the effort if it is all you need. Try it here.

Link Diagnosis

The Link Diagnosis tool works best with Firefox and requires that you install a plugin in order to view the reports. It is also quick and has various functionality features; Export to Excel functionality that is built in, and Anchor text analysis and visibility of no-follow links. It also provides various options when checking your website backlinks. For instance, you can get a detailed report for your website from a single webpage or entire website. The con of Link Diagnosis is that is works best with Firefox and may be ineffective with other browsers.


The SEMRUSH is not free as such, but you can try it out for 14 days at no charge before purchasing it. The tool is very effective since they have an extensive database that is updated regularly, which can give you accurate information about the status of your backlink status. You can also get more details about your backlinks such as the country that is generating most links for your website. Some functionality features include the backlink comparison for comparing your domain backlinks with others. The downside of this resource is that it is free for a short time after which you have to pay for it. 

Majestic SEO

You can access it on their website; www.majesticseo.com. It offers a detailed analysis of backlinks with the size of its index, which can be useful. You can use it for comparison with other sites, to analyze your anchor text and to conduct a backlink count. It has a built in Export to Excel functionality that you can gather data for further analysis. It is also able to separate EDU and GOV links making it easy for you to examine  quality links. The flipside of this tool is that the user interface is quite sophisticated and requires practice to use it well. You will also be required to pay a subscription fee after viewing the first 1000 links. Majestic has a freemium offer as well with more searches per day required if you join as a free member (requires email address)

Advanced Link Manager

If you want a tool that will do more than just analyze your backlinks, then Advanced Link Manager should be your choice. You can automate link building by configuring it to source websites and use their contact details to send link requests to the identified websites. Some of its features include the ability to monitor link building progress periodically and analyze anchor text. It can generate custom reports and emails, or even download them. Generally, this tool can be configured to automatically run at certain intervals and keep all the information up to date. The disadvantage is that it is only free for a short period of time and can be quite expensive if you decide to purchase it.

While most of the campaigns you create in Ultimate Demon are rock solid in terms of the link quality. It always pays to have some resources to hand to double check for you.